Pai Mei Quotes in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)


Pai Mei Quotes:

  • Pai Mei: [punches through a block of wood from three inches away] Since your arm now belongs to me, I want it strong. Can you do that?

    The Bride: I can, but not that close.

    Pai Mei: Then you can't do it. What if your enemy is three inches in front of you, what do you do then? Curl into a ball? Or do you put your fist through him?

  • The Bride: I was wondering, just between us girls, what did you say to Pai Mei for him to snatch out your eye?

    Elle Driver: [flashback showing Pai Mei snatching out Elle's eye] I called him a miserable old fool.

    The Bride: Ooh, bad idea.

    Elle Driver: You know what I did? I killed that miserable old fool.

    [the Bride gasps as they show a flashback of Pai Mei gagging from the poison Elle put in his food]

    Elle Driver: [flashback] How do you like the fishheads you miserable old fool?


    Elle Driver: I poisoned his fishheads.

    Pai Mei: Elle, you treacherous dog. I give you my word...

    Elle Driver: And I told him, "To me the word of an old fool like you is worth less than nothing."

    [Pai Mei keels over and dies, as Elle starts laughing]

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin; subtitled] It's the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around. No wonder you can't do it, you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] Do you believe you are my match?

    The Bride: No.

    Pai Mei: Are you aware I kill at will?

    The Bride: Yes.

    Pai Mei: Is it your wish to die?

    The Bride: No.

    Pai Mei: Then you must be stupid... so stupid.

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] Just like all Yankee women, all you are good at is ordering in restaurants... and spending a man's money!

  • The Bride: [in Mandarin] Master...

    Pai Mei: [in Mandarin; subtitled] Your Mandarin is lousy. It causes my ears great discomfort. You bray like an ass! You are not to speak unless spoken to! It is too much to hope but... do you speak Cantonese?

    The Bride: [in English] I speak Japanese very well... as well as...

    Pai Mei: [interrupting] I didn't ask if you speak Japanese! I asked if you understood Cantonese.

  • Pai Mei: [to the Bride] If you want to eat like a dog, you can live and sleep outside like a dog. If you want to live and sleep like a human, pick up those sticks!

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] So my pathetic friend... is there anything that you can do well?

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] The exquisite art of the samurai sword? Don't make me laugh! You're so-called exquisite art is only fit for Japanese fatheads!

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] Your swordsmanship is amateur at best.

  • [holding the Bride in an armlock]

    Pai Mei: It's my arm now, I'll do what I want with it.

  • Pai Mei: [in Madarin; subtitled] From here you can get an excellent view of my foot.

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] Your so-called kung-fu... is really... quite pathetic.

  • Pai Mei: [in Mandarin] I despise the goddamn Japs!

  • Pai Mei: You all think you can escape. Go for your lives. Go on, run.

    [Priest White Lotus suddenly stops fighting 5 anti- Qing members]

    Pai Mei: Run away! Run away. Go on!

    [the 5 stunned men begin leaving]

    Pai Mei: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. DOWN.

    [they drop dead in their tracks]

  • Kau Tin-Chung: Uncle. But he'll come after us.

    Pai Mei: Why worry. He's not my match at all. To come after us is like seeking death.

  • Pai Mei: Hong Wen- Ting. You must be out of your mind to try to fight me. With your childish Tiger- Crane skill. You've got no chance, but to join your friend Ah-Piao in Hell for more lessons.

  • Pai Mei: [Hong Wen- Ting strikes Priest White Lotus in his ear, trying to hit his vital spot] Come on. Not so bad, it improves the hearing.

  • Pai Mei: I don't want you to die in here. Ruining my sacred chapel, and my home. I'll make sure you die somewhere else. You'll die slowly after my Hundred- Pace Palm!

  • Pai Mei: [Hong Wen- Ting ambushing Priest White Lotus as he bathes on Dragon Boat Festival, gazes at the nude priest] You filthy swine, what are you staring at!

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