Oolong Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z - Kami to Kami (2013)


Oolong Quotes:

  • Birusu: Madam Bulma.

    Bulma: Yes?

    Birusu: I apologize for causing trouble.

    Bulma: Besides that, apologize for hitting me!


    Birusu: I apologize.

    Oolong: [to Bulma] Are you out of your mind?

    Birusu: If it's all right, please invite me to another party.

    Bulma: Only if you promise not to run wild.

    Birusu: I understand. But next time, I want to try that dish pudding.

    Bulma: I'll have tons served up. But don't say it tastes awful after eating it!

    Birusu: If it tastes awful, I'll destroy the Earth!

    Son Gokû: Then we'll fight again, Lord Beerus!

  • Bulma: [flirtatious] Hey, Lord Beerus...

    Oolong: It won't work, not from a middle-aged woman!

    Bulma: Shut up!

  • [last lines]

    Son Gokû: [laughs] Oh, yeah, Vegeta, when Bulma got hit, you screamed "My Bulma!" and became a great Super Saiyan!

    Bulma: I felt so loved!

    Vegeta: [embarassed] I don't remember saying such a thing! But, back then, I definitely exceeded your power!

    Son Gokû: Yeah, without a doubt! Next time, when we're fighting someone, I'll ask them to hit Bulma!

    Bulma: HEY!

    [slaps Goku]

    Piccolo: When Vegeta did that, you shouldn't have been there... you'd already arrived, and watched from a distance!

    Bulma: Goku?

    Oolong: [jumps on Goku] You bastard, are you serious? Everyone was getting battered!

    Son Gokû: I'm sorry, I was trying to find a strategy to match him... but there was nothing I could think of!

    Vegeta: Bulma, slap him two, no THREE more times!

    Bulma: Yes, sir!

    Son Gokû: I'm sorry! I regret it!

  • [English dub]

    Beerus: Look, I like your planet, or rather I've enjoyed myself enough to not despise it entirely. I'll give you one last chance to save yourselves. I nominate you!

    [points at Oolong]

    Beerus: Yes, I'm singling you out, Porky!

    Oolong: Who, ME?

    Beerus: [licks his lips] That's right, the one who looks so delicious...

    Oolong: [freaked out] He wants my bacon...

    Beerus: Come a little closer, won't you?

    Oolong: I taste awful! I don't exercise, I eat nothing but junk!

    Beerus: All you have to do is play a game of Paper Rock Scissors! If you win I'll leave your Earth intact, but of course if I win, I'll turn your Earth to dust!

    Oolong: He's kidding, right?

    Krillin: I guess it's a universal game!

    Oolong: Don't make me, I suck at Paper Rock Scissors!

    Puar: This is great! It's your big break, Oolong! You've never had a chance to be important before! But don't lose, because if we die it'll be all your fault!

    Oolong: You're not helping, Puar!

    Yamcha: [whispers to Oolong] Hey, wait a second... I figured it out! I know why he picked you as his opponent, Oolong, it makes sense! This guy thinks you're just an ordinary pig with ordinary pig hooves! And a pig hoof could only make Scissors, so he'd win every time with Rock! But you're not a pig, are you? You're a pig MAN! You've got fingers, you can throw all the signs! He's gonna draw Rock for sure, Oolong, I know it! All you have to do is draw Paper, and you'll win!

    Oolong: [encouraged] Stupid cat alien, thinking he's got me pegged... I'll make him sorry!

    Beerus: Are you ready, pig?

    Oolong: You bet!

    Beerus: On three...

    BeerusOolong: One, two, three!

    [Oolong draws Paper... and Beerus draws Scissors, which beats Paper]

    Beerus: You fools, don't you see my ears? I heard your whole plan!


    Oolong: 38 is crazy old!

    Bulma: SHUT UP!

  • Master Roshi: Broccoli, just give it up! It's all over!

    Oolong: Very tough. But his name's Broly.

  • Goku: I'm giving you this chance to leave quietly. I don't wanna settle this thing with violence, but you must understand, if you stay, you will leave me with no choice but to fight.

    Oolong: [Facing in the opposite direction from an army of Cooler's robots] Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Get the picture metalheads? Outta here or it's the scrap heap!

    Yajirobe: Hey, that way, tough guy!

    Oolong: Wha-? What're you crazy? You want 'em to hear me?

  • Oolong: I'm allergic to fear... you know. Please, let's go home.

  • Chi Chi: Gohan, I love you sweetie!

    Gohan: [embarrassed] Mom, not so loud!

    Bulma: You own this, Trunks! Get 'em, and then we can go on vacation!

    Trunks: [to himself, embarrassed] Tactful as always, Mother.

    Oolong: Krillin, don't get yourself killed!

    Krillin: [to himself, annoyed] Oh, I'll survive. Then, it's bacon time.

  • Oolong: I seriously hope you didn't tell anyone where we were going. I don't want 'em crampin' ma style.

    Gohan: I promise Oolong. I didn't tell anyone.

  • [after getting punched by Monkey Boy]

    Oolong: It hurts, you know!... I've been king of this land for years, and nobody's ever hit me! Let me tell you, it feels like I got hit by a cow and two goats, plus three horses!... Run away! Or I'll come and eat you alive, you know! Go on, run!

  • Turtle Man: [cackles] My pretty little lady, do you want to have this Dragon Pearl?

    [holds out his own Pearl]

    Bulma: If you're willing to part with it, of course I'll take it!

    Turtle Man: I'm gonna let you have it, but... uh... you have to do something for it!

    Bulma: So what do you want?

    Turtle Man: I've been living on this remote island for all my life, and I've never seen a girl as pretty as you! So I... so I... well... I want... I want to see you without any clothes on!

    Oolong: How dare you, you dirty old man! How can you think of something as low as that?

    Son Goku: Master, that's too much!

    Turtle Man: Hey, kid, sex is human nature!

  • Oolong: Why should he see your body, huh? You deserve to reserve it for me!

  • Oolong: [chasing Jen-Jen] You're a pretty girl. I want you to be my wife!

    Pansy: I don't want to marry you, you're too ugly! Anyway I'm too young to be married!

    Oolong: Never mind! I'll keep you till you grow up! When you're grown up, then you can marry me!

    Pansy: No! Get away from me!

    Oolong: Either you'll marry me, or I'll eat you up!

  • [Monkey Boy and Piggy are shot at by a stranger]

    Son Goku: Who are you?

    Miss Snow White: This is my master Mr Westwood! And me, I'm Miss Snow White!

    Oolong: [to Monkey Boy] He's the bandit of the West! His kung-fu's good, and this is his territory! He'll kill you, unless he takes all your money!

    Yamcha: I'm glad you know. So leave your valuables! Then I'll spare your lives!

    Oolong: Oh, no... You got money?

    Son Goku: What's money?

    Oolong: Oh God... Hey, your kung-fu's good. So you can beat him?

    Son Goku: Of course I can!

    Oolong: [to Westwood] We got money, but you can't have it, so there!

    Yamcha: Then I'll send you to hell!

    [starts shooting]

  • Pansy: [to Monkey Boy] He's a monster!

    Oolong: Little boy, keep out of this! Don't you know that this girl is my bride-to-be?

    Son Goku: Bride? Hey, what's a bride-to-be?

    Bulma: You silly boy, don't you even know that?

  • Oolong: Sir, I'm very good at kissing asses, you know that? I can make you feel very special!

    Son Goku: I don't like people kissing my ass.

    Oolong: That's okay, I've got other skills! And one of them is: I know magic! I can change into other things, and if you're bored, I can change into ANYTHING!

  • Oolong: I just can't resist pretty girls like YOU! I just can't control myself!

    [chases Jen Jen and Seetou]

  • Oolong: All right, I'm going now!

    [changes into a bat and flies off]

    Son Goku: You won't get away!

    [chases him]

  • Bulma: Hey, I've got an idea...

    Bulma: [to Piggy] You strip for him!

    Oolong: HUH? ME strip for HIM? If I took off all my clothes, he wouldn't want to look even if I paid him!

    Bulma: I mean that you change into me. Then he'll think he's looking at me, when he's actually looking at you!

    Son Goku: That's great? Did you hear that?

    Oolong: Huh? You want ME to bare all for that sex maniac?... Okay, but you gotta pay too!

    Bulma: What do YOU want?

    Oolong: Well, he'll see the top... I'll see the bottom!

    Bulma: Listen, Piggy, when you change into me, you'll be able to see the whole body.

    Oolong: Oh, yeah! How come I'm so stupid? I'll change right now!

  • Oolong: [about the Turtle Man] He's a real master of magic, and his kung-fu's the best there is! But... he's a sex maniac. He's many times worse than me!

  • Son Goku: Why didn't you tell us you had a Pearl?

    Oolong: My teacher told me not to tell anyone!

    Turtle Man: Where is your teacher?

    Oolong: Oh, he's very famous! Everybody knows him, including every dog, and even every cat, because...

    Turtle Man: [knocks his head] Just say it!

    Oolong: The Pig Fairy! My teacher said if I showed the Pearl, people would steal it! He said I must find you guys! That's why I used Jade to meet up with you! I think, now the time is right, so I showed the Pearl to you!

  • Son Goku: Oh, now you've changed into a fatty!

    Oolong: This is my original form! I'm the 91st descendant of the Pig Fairy, sir! They call me the Pig-Headed Wizard!

    Son Goku: The Pig Fairy? Well, I'm the 91st descendant of the Monkey King!

    Oolong: Oh, so that explains the pole... your ancestor and my ancestor were brothers, so that makes US brothers!

  • [a shadowy form flaps around]

    Son Goku: What's that?

    Oolong: [looks around] What am I doing HERE? Brother, let's go! Hurry!

  • Turtle Man: But then, why'd Westwood tell me one of you wanted to fight me?

    Son GokuBulmaOolongPansy: WESTWOOD?

  • Oolong: [seeing Turtle Man dance] He must have magic in those shorts!

  • [Piggy disguises himself as Seetou]

    Oolong: Darling...

    Turtle Man: So, have you made a decision yet?

    Oolong: [seductively] Oh, yes I have...

    Turtle Man: Oh...?

    Oolong: Come here!

    [Roshi lets out a whoop and starts to dance with Seetou]

  • [a turtle shell is seen floating on the water]

    Pansy: Master!

    Bulma: Master!

    Oolong: Master, you're still alive!

    Turtle Man: [wading out of the ocean, half-naked] Are you kidding? Nobody can get rid of ME that easily!... But still, my house is destroyed, and my Dragon Pearl stolen! These people will not get away with this!

  • Turtle Man: So, then, every one of us here all have a relationship with a Dragon Pearl, is that right?

    [everyone agrees]

    Son Goku: [to Piggy] Hey, you don't!

    Oolong: Uh... you're right! I don't have a Dragon Pearl, I've no relationship with it...

  • Bulma: Wow! Check it out! The Dragon Balls should be right below us, guys!

    Oolong: Oh, great, it's at the bottom of the ocean.

    Yamcha: Too bad we didn't bring our swimsuits.

    Oolong: Known fact: Pigs don't float, I'm off the hook.

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