Oliver Plexico Quotes in Year of the Comet (1992)


Oliver Plexico Quotes:

  • Oliver Plexico: Pssssst! Maggie!

    Margaret Harwood: [Maggie looks out the window, leans out a little, then looks down and sees Oliver on the remaining block of the broken wall planter below] What are you doing?

    Oliver Plexico: [smiles tiredly] I've come to rescue you!

    Margaret Harwood: [looks behind her, then back to Oliver] Don't rescue me, it's a trap!

    Oliver Plexico: Sweet, sweet Maggie! I know it's a Goddamned trap! The point is, I've somewhat bungled things. So... you're gonna have to save me.

    Margaret Harwood: [stands upright, crossing arms] Are you safe on that thing?

    Oliver Plexico: Define safe.

    Margaret Harwood: [Turns around hastily, pulls the sheets off the bed, ties them into a long rope and ties it around herself hastily, prepared to lower it down to Oliver] Allright! I'll save your life! That's only fair, you saved mine! But then I'm calling it quits!

    Oliver Plexico: Why?

    Margaret Harwood: Because you have no respect for my feelings!

    Oliver Plexico: I have respect for your feelings...

    Margaret Harwood: Bull Shit!

    Oliver Plexico: I get the feeling you don't believe me?

    Margaret Harwood: Stop being charming!

    Oliver Plexico: I haven't got much choice right now, I got a 50 foot drop below me, and a crazy lady 10 feet above!

    Margaret Harwood: After we... After we did... After we were done with...

    Oliver Plexico: After sex?

    Margaret Harwood: Yes! Right! Correct! You could have got the number yourself, you didn't have to

    [chokes back tears]

    Margaret Harwood: throw your wife at me!

    Oliver Plexico: I don't have a wife.

    Margaret Harwood: I saw the wedding photo!

    Oliver Plexico: That's my sister!

    [Oliver starts to get aggravated]

    Margaret Harwood: Don't make it worse!

    Oliver Plexico: [yelling] Now you listen to me, Margaret! When I first met you, you were this... beautiful, crazy... ragamuffin. And I said to myself, hey! A beautiful, crazy... ragamuffin! I didn't have to fly down to get the bottle, I volunteered! Now why do you think I did that?

    Margaret Harwood: Why should I believe any of this?

    Margaret Harwood: [sighs, frustrated and looks around, motioning with his hand] A guy fresh from the chiropractor scales a 50 foot wall to save your life? This is not mass entertainment Maggie! It's gotta be... Love!

  • Margaret Harwood: What?

    Oliver Plexico: You heard me...

    Margaret Harwood: Well, a woman wants to hear it as loudly... and as frequently... as possible!

    Oliver Plexico: [lowers his voice] I love you. Okay? I'm hopelessly and completely in love with you.

    [raises his voice]

    Oliver Plexico: And that's all you're gonna get for now!

    Margaret Harwood: [lowers the make-shift rope to Oliver] Grab hold, I'll pull!

    Oliver Plexico: Are you sure you're strong enough?

    Margaret Harwood: I've waited for you all of my life, Oliver Plexico! I'm not about to lose you now!

  • Oliver Plexico: Son of a bitch!

    Margaret Harwood: Exactly!

  • Ian: [In a poorly-done Scottish accent] Upon further review, this has proven to be a potential clue and must be returned to the... uh... castle.

    Oliver Plexico: Yeah, right, that's a clue, you're a police inspector and I'm Herve Villechaize!

    Ian: What?

    Oliver Plexico: You know, the little guy on "Fantasy Island"?

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