Ole Golly Quotes in Harriet the Spy (1996)


Ole Golly Quotes:

  • Ole Golly: You know what? You're an individual, and that makes people nervous. And it's gonna keep making people nervous for the rest of your life.

  • Ole Golly: There are as many ways to live in this world as there are people in this world, and each one deserves a closer look.

  • Harriet M. Welsch: I want to remember everything. And I want to know everything.

    Ole Golly: Well, you must realize, Harriet, knowing everything won't do you a bit of good unless you use it to put beauty in this world. True or false?

    Harriet M. Welsch: True.

    Ole Golly: Of course it is.

  • Ole Golly: The time has come, the walrus said...

    Harriet M. Welsch: To talk of many things...

    Ole Golly: Of shoes and ships and ceiling wax...

    Harriet M. Welsch: Of cabbages and kings...

    Ole Golly: And why the sea is boiling hot...

    Harriet M. Welsch: And whether pigs have wings!

    Ole Golly: Do you have any wings?

    Harriet M. Welsch: Yeah.

    Ole Golly: [starts "spanking" her] Yeah? Let me see 'em!

    Harriet M. Welsch: [laughing] Ow! Ow! Child abuse! Child abuse!

    Ole Golly: You wanna see child abuse? Take that! And that!

  • Harriet M. Welsch: Are you gonna go be some other kid's nanny now?

    Ole Golly: And love them more than you? Never. Remember in my life, in this world, there will always only be one Harriet.

  • Ole Golly: Good friends are one of life's blessings. Don't give them up without a fight.

  • Ole Golly: [as she and George ride together on the bike, Harriet is asleep in the basket] You okay?

    George Waldenstein: Yeah.

    [strokes Harriet's hair]

    George Waldenstein: [they arrive at the Welsch house, Harriet wakes up]

    Harriet M. Welsch: [drowsy] Hey. How come all the lights are on?

    Mrs. Welsch: [emerging from the house, Mr.Welsch is right behind her] Where is my child?

    Harriet M. Welsch: Uh-oh.

    Mrs. Welsch: Harriet? Harriet, what are you doing in that contraption? Come in here at once.

    [Mr.Welsch quickly carries Harriet off]

    Mrs. Welsch: Miss Golly what are you doing with my child, at this hour, without my consent?

    [refering to George]

    Mrs. Welsch: Who is that?

    George Waldenstein: My name is...

    Mrs. Welsch: Shut up!

    Ole Golly: I'm sorry. We only went to dinner and then a movie.

    Mrs. Welsch: Harriet is not your daughter, Miss Golly. She is mine, and you have no idea, none, what it is like to come home and find your child is missing.

    Ole Golly: We had no idea that you'd be home this soon.

    Mrs. Welsch: I don't care. I don't what you did or where you went or why. All I know is this can never happen again... Miss Golly... You are fired!

    Harriet M. Welsch: What? No!

    [Mr.Welsch sets her down and goes to his wife]

    George Waldenstein: Just a moment. This is my fault. Please.

    Mr. Welsch: Well, it seems awful sudden.

    Ole Golly: Actually... maybe it's not. I think you're right, Mrs.Welsch. It is time for me to go.

    Mrs. Welsch: What?

    Mr. Welsch: What?

    Harriet M. Welsch: [confused] What?

  • Mr. Welsch: [while playing fortune player with Harriet] Green.

    Harriet M. Welsch: G-R-E-E-N.

    Mr. Welsch: Aren't you going to work on your notebook today?

    Harriet M. Welsch: [quickly] Yeah. Pick a number.

    Mr. Welsch: Seven.

    Harriet M. Welsch: [rotating the fortune teller] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

    Mr. Welsch: All right.

    [looks up]

    Mr. Welsch: Turn around.

    Harriet M. Welsch: That's not a fortune.

    Mr. Welsch: Turn around.

    Harriet M. Welsch: Why?

    Ole Golly: Turn around.

    Harriet M. Welsch: Golly?

    [she turns around and see's Golly]

    Harriet M. Welsch: Golly!

    [she runs up to Golly and hugs her]

  • Harriet M. Welsch: How long have you known me, Golly?

    Ole Golly: Since you were born. That's 11 years and 12,000 tomato sandwiches ago.

    Harriet M. Welsch: And you'll never leave me, right?

    Ole Golly: Well I won't *leave you* leave you, but one day you'll be old enough and... well, old enough to take care of yourself and when that day comes you won't need me around anymore. But *that* day is not *today*.

  • Harriet M. Welsch: [Golly closes the door on her parents screaming] Hey, I want to hear that.

    Ole Golly: Yeah? Well I want to sing opera, but I can't, so I don't.

  • Ole Golly: Your father has a high pressure job.

    Harriet M. Welsch: What's a high pressure job?

    Ole Golly: It's when you don't get to do what you want to, and when you do, you don't have enough time for it.

    Harriet M. Welsch: Do spies have high pressure jobs?

    Ole Golly: Only if they get caught.

    Harriet M. Welsch: I never get caught.

  • Ole Golly: Just because you're going to be alone now doesn't mean the world stops turning. You'll keep writing in your notebooks and when you're grown up and you publish your first novel, I'll be first in line at that bookstore, getting an autographed copy.

  • Harriet M. Welsch: [in tears] I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry.

    Ole Golly: Nah it's okay to cry, but whatever you do, don't laugh, no Harriet, I will not tolerate laughter as I leave. No.

  • Ole Golly: You remember, a good spy can get in there and fight. Goodbye, Harriet the Spy.

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