Old King Cole Quotes in Babes in Toyland (1934)


Old King Cole Quotes:

  • Old King Cole: Why all the commotion? Have you no reverence for my beauty sleep?

    Chief of Police: Sorry, your majesty. But, we were celebrating the rescue of Tom-Tom and Bo-Peep from Bogeyland, sir.

    Old King Cole: Splendid news! And who had the courage to do this?

    Chief of Police: They did, your majesty!

  • Old King Cole: [Barnaby flees after it's revealed he was responsible for kidnapping Elmer and framing Tom Tom] I'll give 50,000 guineas for the capture of that scoundrel, dead or alive.

    Stannie Dum: Dead or alive?

    Old King Cole: Dead or alive!

    Stannie Dum: Can't you make up your mind how you want him?

  • Old King Cole: Tom, my boy. You knew the penalty for pignapping. Why did you do it?

    Tom-Tom: But, I didn't do it. I don't even know what you're talking about.

    Old King Cole: How can you say that? In view of this evidence found in your house?

    [he points to the exhibits are violin, sausages and his hat]

  • Bo-Peep: You've got to listen to me, Your majesty. You've got to hear me. Tom-Tom knows nothing about this... The little pigs was a friends of ours. Why should he want to hurt them? The violin and hat were in the house that we got home... He's innocent, I'd tell you. Innocent!

    [she is crying]

    Old King Cole: It is with deep regret that I have to enforce the law in our kingdom. Take him away.

    [Crowd booing, Two dunkers in black are try to unlock the footstocks, Barnaby laughs, takes Tom-Tom to Bogeyland]

    Tom-Tom: I'd tell you, I didn't ! I'd tell you, I didn't! I didn't steal the pig! I didn't, I'd tell you!

    Bo-Peep: Tom-Tom... Tom-Tom! Tom-Tom!

    [Barnaby cackling]

  • Old King Cole: [reads the scroll] Whereas: Ollie Dee and Stannie Dum have been found guilty of burglary, They will be ducked and thereafter exiled to Bogeyland forever.

  • Old King Cole: [reads the another scroll] Whereas: Tom-Tom Piper has been found guilty of Pignapping, he will be immediately banished to Bogeyland.

  • Barnaby: Your majesty? What are we waiting for?

    Old King Cole: Oh, yes... Proceed with the dunking!

    [laughing, Dunker comes to them and unlocking the foot stocks]

    Dunker: Come on... You're first. Come on.

    [Ollie waving to Stannie]

    Stannie Dum: Ollie?

    Ollie Dee: What?

    Stannie Dum: Here.

    [comes back to Stannie Dum]

    Stannie Dum: You better give me your watch. I'll hold it for you until you come out.

    [Ollie takes the watch from his pocket and give it to Stannie]

    Ollie Dee: Thanks. Now, take good care of it. Because, I wouldn't have anything happen to that to the world.

    Stannie Dum: I will.

    Ollie Dee: Good-bye.

    Stannie Dum: Good-bye.

    Dunker: Come on?

    Ollie Dee: All right.

    [Dunker takes him to the dunking chair]

    Barnaby: Splendid!


  • Old King Cole: Proceed with the ducking!

  • [first lines]

    Old King Cole: Ha, ha! I did it! I finally did it! I finally got out of that book! I finally got away from Mother Goose! And today is going to be mighty fun! Today we're going to have a party!


    Old King Cole: Old King Cole was a merry old soul/and a merry old soul was he.

    [stops singing]

    Old King Cole: Now that I'm out here... I'm out here all alone. There's nobody to play with!

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