Ogre Quotes in Revenge of the Nerds (1984)


Ogre Quotes:

  • Dean Ulich: Frankly, I'm not too wild about this next even but it has become a tradition here at Adams: The Belching Contest.

    [the crowd cheers]

    Dean Ulich: First up, Frederick W. Palowakski.

    Ogre: [grunting] It's "Ogre" you asshole!

    Dean Ulich: "Ogre, you asshole.", uh "Ogre".

  • [after the Alpha Betas' treachery is revealed at the pep rally]

    Dean Ulich: You know, Coach. I'm going to let the Lambdas live over at the Alpha Beta house while you and your boys rebuild theirs!

    Burke: Where the hell are *we* gonna live?

    Ogre: Yeah. What about *us*?

    Dean Ulich: You're *jocks*! Go live in the gym!

  • Burke: Well, let's get those nerds!

    Stan Gable: [screams] Nerds!

    Ogre: [screams] Nerds!

    Stan Gable: What are we *waiting* for?

    [the angry Alpha Betas storm out of the locker room towards the Tri-Lams house]

  • [Ogre snatches a pie from a nerd customer]

    Ogre: Thanks wimp, get yourself one!

  • Arnold Poindexter: So what you're saying essentially is, is that along with infinite space which extends beyond perpetual bigness there's also infinite smallness?

    Harold Wormser: [nods head in agreement]

    Arnold Poindexter: How?

    Harold Wormser: Easy. Take an asymptotic line and extend it outward.

    Arnold Poindexter: Oh.

    Stewart: Right, right, right. So perpetual bigness exists simultaneously with perpetual smallness. What was I thinking?

    Ogre: What if uh C-A-T really spelled dog?

    Arnold Poindexter: Wow.

    Harold Wormser: God.

    Stewart: Yeah.

    Arnold Poindexter: That's heavy Ogre. Dog.

  • [Ogre is being initiated into the Tri-Lambs]

    Gilbert Lowell: Our newest Tri-Lamb may drink.

    Lewis Scolnick: Right this way, Frederick.

    Ogre: Ogre, Louie.

    Lewis ScolnickGilbert Lowell: [firmly] Frederick.

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