Officer Mycroft Quotes in The Three Stooges (2012)


Officer Mycroft Quotes:

  • Larry: ["Turkey in the Straw" plays in the background; a sign reads "Rolling Gills, The Kings of Farm Raised Sammin"] Here's a little drink for you, Elsie.

    Larry: [Larry holds a watering can over the salmon] Jonesy, you gotta hold still in order to get a drink. Hello, Maritza, you're getting your color back.

    Curly: [Curly steps on a salmon to shoo the flies away] Ralphie don't look so good.

    Moe: Poor guy's drying out.

    Curly: Oh, good for you, Ralphie. Realizing there's a problem is half the battle, heh-heh.

    Larry: Hey look, our first customer.

    Curly: Woo-woo-woo.

    Golf Superintendent Dave Lamson: What are you doing?

    Moe: Only selling the finest farm-raised salmon in the county, that's all.

    Curly: Yeah, they're all free-range; no nets, no cages. They can go wherever they want.

    Larry: Plus we have smoked salmon.

    [Larry holds up a salmon with a cigar in its mouth]

    Curly: Oh.

    Golf Superintendent Dave Lamson: But this is a golf course!

    Larry: So what? We let 'em play through.

    Curly: What's your beef?

    Moe: Yeah, we're trying to save an orphanage. Look, are you here to buy fish, or are you just kicking the tires?

    Larry: [a police car pulls up] Hey, do your job. Cart path only.

    Golf Superintendent Dave Lamson: I'll cart path you, you little -

    [Moe pokes Lamson in the eyes]

    LarryCurlyMoe: Nyah-ah-ahh!

    Curly: Woo-woo-woo, woo-woo!

    [the Stooges run away]

    Moe: It's the five-o, scram!

    Officer Mycroft: You again!

    LarryCurlyMoe: Nyah-ah-ahh!

    [the Stooges run off with a windmill, then throw it to the ground as they run away]

    Larry: Oh, my back.

    [the Stooges run through a hole in the hedge]

  • Moe: [riding on Curly's back and dangling a hot dog in front of him] Yah! Yah mule! Yah!

    Moe: [the Stooges run into an alley] Whoa, whoa!

    Moe: [Curly snorts like a horse] Easy Seabiscuit, easy!

    Larry: [Larry pulls on a locked door] We're trapped like rats!

    Moe: Speak for yourself, rodent.

    [Moe pushes Larry aside]

    Moe: We're going to need a battering ram.

    [Moe and Larry look at Curly]

    Officer Mycroft: You go that way, I'll go this way!

    [Officers Mycroft and Armstrong split up]

    Officer Armstrong: Okay!

    [Armstrong wheezes as he chases the Stooges on foot]

    MoeLarry: [Moe and Larry use Curly as a battering ram against the door] Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

    Curly: Oh oh, fellas, ease up, you're squeezing my ankles too tight!

    Moe: Quit your whining.

    MoeLarry: Ho!

    [Curly groans from the pain as the Stooges break through the metal door]

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