O-Ren Ishii Quotes in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)


O-Ren Ishii Quotes:

  • O-Ren Ishii: [after she cuts off Tanaka's head, in Japanese] So you all will know the seriousness of my warning, I shall say this in English.

    O-Ren Ishii: [in English] As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced that a particular plan of action I've decided is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is... I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the fucking time!


    O-Ren Ishii: I didn't think so.

    O-Ren Ishii: [calmly, in Japanese] Gentlemen, this meeting is adjourned.

  • O-Ren Ishii: Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords.

  • O-Ren Ishii: [her last lines] That really was a Hattori Hanzo sword.

  • O-Ren Ishii: [in Japanese; subtitled] For ridiculing you earlier, I apologize.

    The Bride: [in Japanese; subtitled] Accepted.

  • O-Ren Ishii: You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you?

    The Bride: You know, for a second there, yeah, I kinda did.

    O-Ren Ishii: Silly rabbit.

    The Bride: Trix are...

    O-Ren Ishii: ...for kids.

  • O-Ren Ishii: You might not be able to fight like a samurai, but you can at least die like a samurai.

  • Boss Benta: [in Japanese; subtitled] Boss Tanaka! What is the meaning of this outburst? This is a time for celebration.

    Boss Tanaka: [in Japanese; subtitled] And what exactly are we celebrating? The perversion of our illustrious council?

    Boss Honda: [in Japanese; subtitled] Tanaka, have you gone mad? I will not tolerate this! You're disrespecting our sister! Apologize!

    O-Ren Ishii: [in Japanese; subtitled] Tanaka-san, of what perversion do you speak?

    Boss Tanaka: My father...

    [to Benta]

    Boss Tanaka: along with yours...

    [to Ozawah]

    Boss Tanaka: and along with yours, started this council. And while you laugh like stupid donkeys, they weep in the afterlife over the perversion committed today.

    Boss Ozawah: Outrageous! Tanaka, it is you who insults this council!

    [Throws rag at him]

    Boss Ozawah: Bastard!

    Boss Tanaka: [Throws rag back] Fuck face!

    O-Ren Ishii: Gentlemen! Tanaka obviously has something on his mind. By all means, allow him to express it.

    Boss Tanaka: I speak of the perversion done to this council... which I love... more than my own children, by making a Chinese Jap-American half-breed bitch its leader!

    [O-Ren quickly runs across the table and cuts off his head]

  • O-Ren Ishii: Your instrument is quite impressive. Where was it made?

    The Bride: Okinawa.

    O-Ren Ishii: [in Japanese] Whom in Okinawa made you this steel?

    The Bride: [in Japanese] Hattori Hanzo.

    O-Ren Ishii: [in Japanese] YOU LIE!

    [the Bride shows Hattori Hanzo marking on sword]

    O-Ren Ishii: [in Japanese] Swords, however, never get tired. I hope you saved your energy. If you haven't... You may not last five minutes. But as last looks go, you could do worse.

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