Nurse Barbara Quotes in Pearl Harbor (2001)


Nurse Barbara Quotes:

  • Rafe: Hold on a second, Miss, I really, really lick you.

    [covers mouth]

    Rafe: Like you. I didn't mean to say that, and I just wanted to know if I could donate dinner, well, buy you dinner.

    Evelyn: This isn't your chart.

    Rafe: No that's this guy right here I think he left.

    Evelyn: Have you already had this shot?

    Rafe: Yea well once already yea. Well, I mean can I ask you out?

    Evelyn: No.

    Rafe: Uh...

    [Bangs his nose into the tray of supplies]

    Rafe: Oh.

    Nurse Barbara: Oo. What'd you do to him?

  • [first lines]

    Ben Eagle Narrator: [narrating] This is O'Hare, California. Back then it was nothing more than a sleepy fishing village, with a hill at the end of Main Street. Like you see in postcards. My story takes place on the home front, in the midst of World War II. That's me, the little fella.

    Photographer: [motioning to the youngest]

    Little Boy: Closer?

    Freddy Fox: [ribbing him] Stop causing trouble, you midget.

    Ben Eagle Narrator: Nobody in that town liked me much.

    Photographer: One, two, three.


    Ben Eagle Narrator: I was eight years old. But the story really starts the day I met my dad. My only friend. My partner.

    Nurse Barbara: He's a boy!

    James Busbee: Wow! He's so...

    Nurse Barbara: What? Little?

    James Busbee: Well, he'll grow. Right?

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