Norfolk Quotes in Bite the Bullet (1975)


Norfolk Quotes:

  • Carbo: Hey, British! Drink to the winner.

    [Carbo throws Norfolk a bottle of whiskey]

    Norfolk: Thank you. I haven't really won the race yet, however.

  • [Matthews ignores Carbo's challenge for a gunfight]

    Mister: You done right. A boy lookin' for a reputation is the most dangerous thing alive.

    Norfolk: It certainly wasn't worth dyin' for.

    Miss Jones: What is?

  • Norfolk: And how was the shorter route?

    Luke Matthews: [chuckles] Longer.

  • Reporter: To the West!

    Norfolk: Awesome and inspiring.

    Jack Parker: I don't see what's so inspiring about a flash flood or a blizzard, or a landslide or a sandstorm or a dust storm or any sudden disaster, personal or financial. Today the desert will broil you royal, tomorrow the mountain will freeze you stiff. That's your West: violent, treacherous. Every prairie dog hole is a gold mine, every molehill is a mountain, every creek is a river and everybody you meet is a liar.

    Miss Jones: When you call me that smile, stranger.

  • Norfolk: How much does Parker pay you? Fifty dollars a month? Sixty? Win this race and you could have three years' salary!

    Sam Clayton: Mister, did you ever see a horse run himself to death just to please the man on his back? What's the horse get out of it? Cracked bones? Colic? See his picture in the paper? Horse doesn't give a damn who wins a race. Me neither.

  • [hearing a dinosaur roar]

    Ben McBride: What is it, Doc?

    Norfolk: It can only be one thing. Prehistoric!

    [they hear another roar]

    Norfolk: Definitely prehistoric.

    [they hear a woman's scream]

    Norfolk: That's human.

  • Norfolk: So cut off my head, and make me a martyr. The people will always remember it.

    Walsingham: No... they will forget.

  • [about Elizabeth]

    Norfolk: She is just a child and yet still you piss yourselves!

  • Sir Francis Walsingham: Your Grace is arrested. You must go with these men to the Tower.

    Norfolk: I must do nothing by your orders. I am Norfolk!

    Sir Francis Walsingham: You were Norfolk.

    Sir Francis Walsingham: [shows him his own signature on the treasonous letter from Rome]

    Sir Francis Walsingham: The dead have no titles.

  • Norfolk: To the North, I present Elizabeth, your undoubted Queen!

  • [regarding Elizabeth's impending reign]

    Unseen Gentleman: Your Grace, Protestants are already returning from abroad.

    Norfolk: Yes. And have made plans to massacre every Catholic in England. There would be butchery indeed if such a plan were even conceivable.

    Norfolk's Man: They say Walsingham will return from France.

    Norfolk: Walsingham is nothing!

    [aside to Norfolk's Man as he is leaving the room]

    Norfolk: Be sure he does not.

  • [Mary, on her deathbed, is refusing to sign a warrant for Elizabeth's execution]

    Norfolk: Will you leave your kingdom to a heretic?

  • Norfolk: The Queen!

  • Norfolk: [Removes Mary's Signet Ring] Give it to her.

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