Nisi Quotes in B*A*P*S (1997)


Nisi Quotes:

  • Nisi: You remember when we took those CPR classes?

    Mickey: Yeah - All the cute guys were in there.

    Nisi: Didn't you learn anything?

    Mickey: No... But I met James.

    Nisi: Shh... we gonna check his heart to see if it's still beating... Go on. Check it.

    Mickey: You check it.

    Nisi: You check it.

    Mickey: You check it...

    Nisi: YOU CHECK IT! It's on yo side!

    Mickey: [Mickey laid her head against Mr. B's neck to see if he was still alive] He's alive!

    Nisi: I'm going to bed!

    Mickey: Nisi? Nisi? Nisi!

  • Nisi: Now at the audition I didn't do the best I could...

    Heavy D: Hey! Ain't you that girl that hit the other girl in the face with your hair?

    Nisi: Uh huh...

    Heavy D: Oh no... I seen all you can do, Hon...

    Mickey: Naw, naw. She can really dance...

    Heavy D: No, I seen all you could do - you could hurt somebody

    Mickey: No, she can dance and I'm the next Monifa

    Nisi: She is!

    Heavy D: Oh - you the next Monifa?

    Mickey: Yea... look here - This the "Mickey remix..." Check this out... IT'S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE YOU BEEN GO-ONE... FEELS GOOD WHEN I'M WITH-CHU... I MISS YOU COME BACK HOME...

  • Mickey: You think Ali and James miss us?

    Nisi: I don't know, but I know I miss my man...

    Mickey: Uh uh... you NEED to scoot over cause I ain't got no problem sleepin' on this expensive white carpet, cause I know it's poodle hair.

  • Mickey: Lead the way Alfred.

    Manley: The name is Manly, Manly will do very nicely thank you!... Who's Alfred?

    Mickey: You know, Batman's homeboy!

    Nisi: Oh Mick, now I see what-chu was sayin'.

    Mickey: You would be so good in the sequel.

    Nisi: Snap! He'd be phat!

    Mickey: He would! All you gotta say is, "Batman to da cave!" and everybody lose they job that day... and you get THAT job. *Heavy Chuckle* TO THA CAAAAAAAVE.

    Nisi: Ask him to say it Mick!

    Mickey: Nah, I already done called the man "Alfred."

    Nisi: Oh come on.

    Mickey: No, I just wanna know where we sleepin tonight!

  • Nisi: I've been thinking, okay? About how we're gonna get up out of here.

    Mickey: What?

    Nisi: Don't act like you don't know, Mickey! The guilt! The guilt of what we're doing! Now, that man down there? He's a nice man. And he ain't got nothing around him but people trying to use him like you and me!

    Mickey: I know. Why do you think I got up and left?

    Nisi: [Fiercely] We should have been done got up and left!

    [Pushes Mickey aside and sits on the bed]

    Mickey: [Sits next to Nisi] D, dont you think we should at least say goodbye?

    Nisi: [Quietly] We can't.

    Mickey: Why?

    Nisi: [On the verge of tears] Because if I go to him and say we're leaving, he's going to ask "Why?" And then I'm gonna have to tell him and me and you have been a part of this whole big lie... I can't do it.

  • Mickey: D, what are we going to do when we get off that plane? We ain't got no money, no apartment, nothing. Man, we're worse than when we started out.

    Nisi: Maybe... but maybe not. Some things are just priceless, you know, Mick?

  • Nate: Now why did you have to burn my toast, baby?

    Nisi: Now you know said you wanted everything well done.

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