Nikki Finn Quotes in Who's That Girl (1987)


Nikki Finn Quotes:

  • Nurse #1: Okay, okay, what's your husband's name?

    Nikki Finn: Louden.

    Nurse #1: And his last name?

    Nikki Finn: Clear.

  • Louden Trott: You're lying.

    Nikki Finn: How do you know?

    Louden Trott: Your lips are moving.

  • Nikki Finn: C'mon Lounde, haven't you ever done anything you were proud of?

    Louden Trott: Well, I used to be really good at fencing.

    Nikki Finn: See? There you go. I knew ya' had it in ya'.

    Louden Trott: Yeah, but of course my father would never come watch me.

    Nikki Finn: Why would your father wanna watch you turn over stolen goods? You're twisted!

  • Nikki Finn: [pointing at wall with "dead end sign" into which she has just crashed a car] I'm sorry officer but my husband, see, he's having a heart attack and I had to rush him to the hospital and I must not have been paying attention because I took a wrong turn and is this the way?

  • Nikki Finn: [in a sing-song voice, as she races to pass a train before it reaches the intersection] We'll make it!

    Louden Trott: I'll accept anything but a tie.

  • Prison Oficer: One black leather jacket, one plastic comb, blue, two studded leather bracelets, black, and one lipstick, fire engine red.

    Donovan: [sarcastically] All your worldly possessions.

    Nikki Finn: [speaking of the lipstick] Don't knock it, Donovan. You can't get this shade'a red anymore.

  • Nikki Finn: [after jumping from one building over to another, to Louden] Jump!

    Louden Trott: [reaching the edge of the building, nervous] What?

    Nikki Finn: Come on!

    Louden Trott: Are you insane?

    Nikki Finn: I did it, you can do it!

    Louden Trott: You're a criminal, I'm a tax attorney! I'll be alright here, I'm sure somebody'll call the cops.

    Nikki Finn: They are the cops!

    Louden Trott: [shots are being fired behind him, nonstop] AHH!

    Louden Trott: [nervously] Maybe if I just explain...

    Nikki Finn: Explain what, Trott? That we were buyin' four stolen semi-automatic weapons on your gold card?

    Louden Trott: [jumps frantically to the next building] O.K.!

  • Nikki Finn: So... am I free now?

    Donovan: Yes.

    [Nikki punches her]

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