Nicole Hurley Quotes in The Bounty Hunter (2010)


Nicole Hurley Quotes:

  • Nicole Hurley: Life is making mistakes.

    Milo Boyd: And death is wishing you had made more.

  • [calling Milo from inside his car's trunk]

    Nicole Hurley: Milo, please, you have got to let me out of here.

    Milo Boyd: Hmm... nope!

    Nicole Hurley: All right, I shouldn't have run away, you just caught me off guard. And the truth is, I think I might need your advice on something.

    Milo Boyd: Well, that's a real shame. Because I wouldn't help you if you were the last baby sea turtle dragging your little, tiny body across the burning sand whilst hungry seagulls circled overhead. No, I'd just pull up a chair, sip a pina colada and watch nature take its course.

  • [Nicole is calling Milo from inside his trunk]

    Milo Boyd: Nic... Nicole?

    Nicole Hurley: [crying] Please stop...

    Milo Boyd: Hey, remember how we used to be in love?

    Nicole Hurley: [still crying] Yeah.

    Milo Boyd: Well, that means I know when you're crying for real, and when you're faking it! Bye-bye!

    [laughs and hangs up]

    Nicole Hurley: Oh! God, Milo!

    [she pounds on the trunk with her fists]

    Milo Boyd: [laughing] Oh, God... so good.

  • [from trailer]

    Milo Boyd: Are you trying to seduce me?

    Nicole Hurley: Yeah.

    Milo Boyd: What's the hottest thing about me? That would be my gun.

  • Milo Boyd: Ah, using your one phone call to phone in a story. That is so you.

    Nicole Hurley: [surprised look] What are you doing here?

    Milo Boyd: Hey, it's a special night. There's no way we're not spending it together. Hey, can we go in the same cell?

    Cop: Get in the cell, dickhead.

    Milo Boyd: [being pushed] All right, I'm going.

  • Nicole Hurley: Why do people do that?

    Milo Boyd: Why do people do what?

    Nicole Hurley: Deny that they've ever done anything wrong in the relationship - why can't people take responsibility for their shit and move on?

  • Nicole Hurley: Can't we talk about this?

    Milo Boyd: Fine. What do you want to say?

    Nicole Hurley: [after a pause] I am not letting you take me to jail.

    Milo Boyd: Duly noted. Let's go.

    [scoops her over his shoulder]

  • [Milo dumps Nicole in his trunk]

    Nicole Hurley: No, you have got to be kidding! You cannot be putting me in the trunk! You cannot be seri-!

    Milo Boyd: [shuts the trunk] I'm dead "seri"!

  • Milo Boyd: You see, what I do is, I hunt down criminals. Idiots who jump bail, specifically.

    Nicole Hurley: [laughing] You are a bounty hunter?

    Milo Boyd: Yeah. And much as it pains me to say this, and it really does, I gotta take you to jail.

  • [as Nicole heads for a row of taxis, Milo draws his gun]

    Nicole Hurley: Oh, what? You're gonna shoot me?

    Milo Boyd: Nope.

    [levels the gun]

    Milo Boyd: I'm gonna shoot a cab driver.

    Nicole Hurley: [seeing all the cab drivers locking their doors] Oh, no, no, no, he doesn't mean it!

    Milo Boyd: Yep, I mean it.

    Nicole Hurley: [banging on the cab drivers' doors, without response] Ah, chicken shits!

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