Nicky Lagatos Quotes in Dorian Blues (2004)


Nicky Lagatos Quotes:

  • Nicky Lagatos: Remember what Hitler said: "You tell a lie long enough and loud enough, eventually they'll believe it."

    Dorian Lagatos: So your advice is be more like Hitler?

    Nicky Lagatos: You know what I MEAN.

    Dorian Lagatos: Yeah, stay in the closet.

    Nicky Lagatos: Yeah, and lock the door!

  • Locker Bully: Hey, Nick, I was just messing with him!

    Nicky Lagatos: Yeah? Well, that's all you ever do, Kel. You know, there's a lot more to life than messing with people. You oughta branch out a little bit.

  • Nicky Lagatos: Well, we're all sinners, right?

    Dorian Lagatos: Yes, that's right!

    Nicky Lagatos: I'll keep on sinning till I'm, like, thirty and then I'll repent and take up golf. Isn't that how it works?

  • Dorian Lagatos: I want kids!

    Nicky Lagatos: Shh.

    Dorian Lagatos: And not just one or two of 'em, a whole mess of 'em, my own little baseball team!

    Nicky Lagatos: Base... You HATE baseball!

    Dorian Lagatos: Yes, but I love uniforms.

  • Dorian Lagatos: Oh my god, wouldn't it be fabulous if this were just the answer to the whole problem?

    Nicky Lagatos: First things first, don't ever say fabulous.

    Dorian Lagatos: No?

    Nicky Lagatos: No, it's not a straight word.

  • Nicky Lagatos: You sneaky little...

    Dorian Lagatos: Sn- sneaky? I don't think sneaky is a straight word, bro. Try BALLSY!

  • Nicky Lagatos: Will you stop milking that?

    Dorian Lagatos: Milk? It was a concussion... AND there was blood!

  • Nicky Lagatos: [in reference to a stipper] You like her?

    Dorian Lagatos: I like her shoes.

  • Dorian Lagatos: Wow, so I guess she kinda liked me, huh? I mean, enough to wanna...

    Nicky Lagatos: Yeah, for a hundred bucks she liked you fine.

  • Nicky Lagatos: You tell your news, Dad'll drink till he drops, and mom'll be up till 2:00 in the morning dusting knick-knacks and humming to herself like a mental patient!


    Dorian Lagatos: Nobody.

    Nicky Lagatos: DON'T! EVER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Don't ever talk like this around ANYBODY! Jesus Christ, if Dad ever heard this shit, he'd bury you in the basement.

  • Dorian Lagatos: Well, I'm happy for you.

    Nicky Lagatos: Whoa, you wish I got hit by a truck.

    Dorian Lagatos: Damn you - reading my diary again.

  • Nicky Lagatos: Can't be straight if you're a chickenshit.

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