Nick Gant Quotes in Push (2009)


Nick Gant Quotes:

  • Cassie Holmes: [in tears] Tell me I'm a crappy artist and that everything is going to be fine.

    Nick Gant: You are a *crappy* artist. Everything is going to be fine, I promise.

  • Kira Hudson: Division came and locked me up.

    Nick Gant: What?

    Kira Hudson: And you never came!

    Nick Gant: I looked for you. I did!

    Kira Hudson: You didn't find me.

  • Cassie Holmes: Nick!


    Cassie Holmes: Bring an umbrella. It's gonna rain.

    Nick Gant: You be careful too.

  • Nick Gant: How long do you think your mom's been planning this?

    Cassie Holmes: [smiles wanly] Probably since before I was born.

  • [Nick gives Kira a letter as she gets into a taxi]

    Kira Hudson: When do I open it?

    Nick Gant: When you start to doubt the truth.

  • Nick Gant: Did you lose a bet with your hairdresser?

    Cassie Holmes: No! I just like color!

  • Nick Gant: Hey, what did I inject myself with?

    Cassie Holmes: Nine Dragons Soy Sauce.

    Nick Gant: That's gross.

  • Hook Waters: How are we going to make the future unpredictable?

    Nick Gant: By not knowing what we're going to do, until right before we do it.

    Cassie Holmes: A plan without planning.

  • Nick Gant: Hey, whoa whoa whoa...

    [takes chicken away from Cassie]

    Nick Gant: Excuse me.

    Cassie Holmes: This how you treat your guests?

    Nick Gant: This is how I treat random strangers who barge into my apartment.

  • Nick Gant: [after being healed by Teresa Stowe] Wow. That woman's got magic fingers.

  • Cocktail Waitress: [handing Hook drink] Vodka martini.

    Hook Waters: Thank you.

    Cassie Holmes: I'll have one of those.

    Nick Gant: She'll have a Coke.

    Cassie Holmes: My mom drinks when she wants to get really clear images. She's famous for it.

    Nick Gant: Maybe something without caffeine.

  • Cassie Holmes: Where's the chicky-chicky who gets us all killed?

    Nick Gant: Are you drunk?

    Cassie Holmes: Yeah.

  • Nick Gant: Don't make any decisions a Watcher can track.

  • Nick Gant: I heard what she said about your mother.

    Cassie Holmes: You did? Division's got her. They locked her up because she's the greatest Watcher they've ever seen. They're afraid of her, and they're afraid they can't control it.

    Nick Gant: They killed my father for the same reason. But I guess you already knew that.

    Cassie Holmes: I see the future, not the past. Right now, our future is not that great.

  • Nick Gant: Henry Carver.

    Henry Carver: [smiling] Now there's a face I haven't seen in a long time.

  • Nick Gant: Did you pushed me?

    Kira Hudson: Don't like it? Push back.

  • Agent Holden: There's a lot of runaway psychics in Hong Kong. Trying to disappear, Nick. People with no country, no loyalty...

    Nick Gant: No desire to get involved in political bullshit.

  • Cassie Holmes: First thing's first. I know you're a second generation Mover.

    Nick Gant: Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

    Cassie Holmes: I'll let you know when I see one. You don't really use your powers, which means you haven't practiced, so you kind of suck at it. How am I doing so far?

    Nick Gant: Go on.

    Cassie Holmes: I'm a Watcher. Second generation, like you.

    Nick Gant: Wow, that's...

    Cassie Holmes: Complicated, cause the future can change just by talking about it, so I see glimpses, and I draw about it in my book, but I'm not really good at it. I'm kind of a crappy artist, but I'm sure you already knew that.

  • Nick Gant: Are you okay?

    Cassie Holmes: No. Not until we find that case.

    Nick Gant: When was the last time you saw it?

    Cassie Holmes: Not since yesterday. Not for lack of trying. If we don't find it soon, they're going to kill my mom. And it's going to be my fault.

    [after a long pause]

    Nick Gant: Look at me. Hey...

    [turns Cassie to him]

    Nick Gant: Look at me. You really think I'm going to let that happen? Now you said that the future is always changing, right? It can change just by knowing it?

    Cassie Holmes: It can change. Doesn't mean it will.

    Nick Gant: Good enough.

    [Nick grabs guns]

    Cassie Holmes: What are you doing? What are you going to go do?

    Nick Gant: I'm going to try to make a better one.

  • Cassie Holmes: [drunk] You don't get it, Nick. She's the one that kills us all, basically!

    Nick Gant: Well I guess we're all going to get killed!

    Cassie Holmes: Yeah! It's screwed up!

    Pinky Stein: By we, do you mean not...

    Cassie Holmes: You too!

  • Kira Hudson: [walks in] Where's the case, Nick?

    Nick Gant: Kira?

    Henry Carver: [looks at Kira] Go ahead.

    Kira Hudson: Remember that night under the roller coaster? We parked under the rain and got those little bottles of Jack. That was the first time you told me you loved me.

    Henry Carver: He remembers.

    Kira Hudson: I wanna hear it from him

    Nick Gant: I remember.

    Kira Hudson: Never happened. We met for the first time yesterday. You've never been to Coney Island. Nobody's been to Coney Island. I used you, Nick. Now the quicker we find that case, the quicker I'll let you forget it.

  • Nick Gant: [pointing to object in Cassie's drawing] We need this.

    Hook Waters: An olive?

    Cassie Holmes: It's a bead.

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