Newton Quotes in Men in Black II (2002)


Newton Quotes:

  • Newton: A neuralize...

    [Agent J neuralizes Newton]

    Agent J: Ok. First, get some contact lenses, cause those jaunts look like they could pick up cable. Second, take her to Cambodia, get her a lobster dinner. Pay more than a dollar. Third, the second y'all get back from Cambodia, move your bum ass outta your mom's house. Boy, you like forty years old.

    Kevin Brown/K: Agent J?

    Agent J: Aight! Oh, and there ain't no such thing as aliens or Men in Black.

    [J leaves]

    NewtonHailey: You wanna go to Cambodia?

    Hailey: Yeah.

    Newton: Hey, Mom?

    [Newton picks up a shovel]

  • Newton: [to Hailey] There's a huge rat in the toilet, it's all stopped up so you're gonna have to pee in the sink...

    [spots agents J & K]

    Newton: Gentlemen! Seen any... aliens lately?

    Agent K: Son, you need professional help.

    Hailey: He's getting it, it's not working.

  • Newton's Mother: [from downstairs] Newton! What are you doing up there?

    Newton: I'm up in my room with some friends, Mom!

    Hailey: I want to have your baby.

  • Newton: Guys, before we start the tape, one more thing - what's up with anal probing? I mean, do they really come billions of light years just to...

    Agent J: Boy, MOVE!

  • Newton: Damn it, man, this is no time to panic!

    Strom: Then when the FUCK do we begin to panic?

  • Newton: What are we going to say? The body of a citizen we murdered has come back to kill us?

  • Newton: You listen to me! And you listen good. Those assholes are cops. Who the fuck are you to judge 'em? Shit, man, you got a green dick. Those two guys have been risking their asses on the street for years. The fucker went for Strom's gun.

    Clarence: Bullshit.

    Newton: Now, maybe those two guys went too far tonight. Maybe it was all a mistake. But next time it could be you. So, you know, you don't ever roll over... and you never rat out a fellow officer. And you never... never break the code.

  • Newton: [to Scorpio] Go ahead and shoot if you got the nerve. I won't turn my back to yuh.

  • Newton: [after being shot in the back by Scorpio] Well, that serves me right. That's the first time I ever turned my back on you, you rat!

  • Newton: What if they have raided a still? What's one still? They think they can stop me? As for the rest of you, keep your mouths shut. Run back to the holes you came from. You spineless rats! Run! Run away!

  • Newton: He almost got Slaughterhouse, too.

    Donlin: No. He wouldn't kill Johnny Franks. He hasn't got the guts!

    Newton: No? See if you can get him to admit he didn't do it.

    Donlin: Yeah, I know, he won't squeal. He's afraid of what the gang will do to him. I know this bird!

  • Newton: You want to get rid of that woman, too.

    Scorpio: She sure is a gabby old dame. She even talks in her sleep. Why don't she keep her mouth shut - like I do all the time?

  • Newton: What excuse did you give him for pretending to be a deaf-mute?

    Metz: Well, I said I was married to a dame that was on the hunt for me and if she found me, she'd send me up for a rap.

    Newton: And what did Mr. Scorpio say to that?

    Metz: He said he was sorry for all married men. Wouldn't spill the beans.

  • Newton: It's the greatest idea I've ever had. And, boy, you know I've had a lot of them.

    Johnnie: Yeah, but none of them ever worked.

    Newton: A mere coincidence.

  • Newton: What kind of snuff you want? The left-handed or the right-handed kind?

    Sleepy: I want the sniffin' kind.

  • Newton: He walked out on us. Remind me to hate him, will you?

  • Newton: Sonny, you've got the brain of a six-year-old boy. And I'll bet even he was glad to get rid of it.

  • Newton: I cut his ear from throat to throat.

  • Newton: I shot him through the heart.

    Capt. Jennings: Winfield Lake was shot in the head.

    Newton: Well, his heart was in his mouth.

  • Johnnie: I reiterate...

    Newton: So do I!

    Johnnie: I reiterate...

    Newton: Captain, are you going to let him get away with that? I reiterated first.

  • Johnnie: Give me a boost.

    Newton: You're a nice fellow, and I recommend you highly.

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