News Anchor Quotes in Red Dawn (2012)


News Anchor Quotes:

  • [first lines concluding]

    British Male News Pundit 14: North Korea is like a spoiled child!

    News Anchor: North Korea is a danger to the world.

    Female News Anchor 15: What would North Korea possibly hope to gain?

    News Anchor: What is the next step?

    Korean Man: What is it that they want?

    Female News Anchor 16: What are they preparing for?

    ["RED DAWN" ]

  • [first lines continued]

    News Anchor: Groups are fighting against Russia's government from within its borders. Rebels were planning to increase their violent campaign as the country prepares for the presidential elections.

    Female News Anchor 7: Russia's pouring more troops into the Georgian capital, Tblisi.

    Female News Anchor 8: Ex-Soviet Georgia has become a focus of tension between Russia and the U.S.

    Vice President Joe Biden: We're working, uh, to reset our relationship with Russia.

    News Anchor: U.S. soldiers are being deployed with renewed conflicts in the Middle East, South Asia and the Korean peninsula.

    Female News Anchor 9: Critics suggest this leaves our shores unprotected.

    Female News Anchor 10: South Korea accused the North of firing a torpedo at its Cheonan warship.

    Korean Female News Anchor 11: South Koreans continue to protest against North Korea's attack on Yeonpyeong Island.

    News Anchor: Some are calling the attack as a crime against humanity.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: North Korea continues to act in a provocative and belligerent manner. There are consequences to such action.

    Female News Anchor 12: Fueling the fire, the North has ripped up non-aggression pacts.

    Vice President Joe Biden: This is an incredibly immature regime in the North.

    Female News Anchor 13: The rogue North Korean dictator makes a wild threat to "wipe out" the United States.

  • [first lines]

    News Anchor: Fears of a second recession has caused panic in Europe's financial markets.

    President Obama: The severity of this recession will cause more pain before it ends.

    American Man: European Union cannot "bail out" Greece. You've seen the- the government of Spain coming out and saying, "We've had the same problem." Portugal says the same thing. There's some talk that Italy may be in trouble.

    News Anchor: U.S. intelligence officials are growing more and more concerned that foreign operatives are surveilling computer systems that control America's infrastructure.

    President Obama: It's now clear, this cyber threat is one of the most serious national security challenges we face as a nation.

    Female News Anchor 2: That it might have the ability to go in and cripple financial networks, nuclear plants, chemical plants, all of which would have devastating effect.

    News Anchor: North Korea has now joined the Pacific Rim Cooperation Organization. The group's formation is a clearer warning that further intervention in the region by the U.S. and its allies will not be tolerated.

    Male News Anchor 3: A South Korean TV station reports that North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, suffered a stroke.

    Male News Anchor 4: His third and youngest son, Kim Jong-Eun, has been tapped to inherit power.

    Male News Anchor 5: Promoted from a nobody to high political and military office.

    Female News Anchor 6: As a kid, he was really loved by his father because he had a fit of anger.

    News Anchor: He will now lead the world's fourth largest army.

  • [last lines; director's cut]

    News Anchor: New U.S. President Joseph Steppens announced today that with the death of Natasha Chenkov, known in the U.S. as Evelyn Salt, all elements of the terrorist group have been eliminated. The announcement came during his Moscow peacekeeping visit where President Steppens paused to lay flowers at the site of the 1974 plane crash that killed his parents and sister while on a tour of Russia.

  • [first lines]

    News Anchor: The Democratic Republic of Congo is the scene of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations.

    News Anchor: In what is being described as the world's deadliest conflict since World War II, millions of people have been killed. Massacres and rape, routinely used as weapons of war, have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes.

    News Anchor: For years, the United Nations and non-governmental organizations, NGOs, have been providing humanitarian relief in an increasingly unstable situation, often requiring the presence of private security contractors to ensure aid worker's safety. The conflict is fueled by the country's vast mineral wealth, with all sides suspected of deliberately prolonging the violence to plunder natural resources such as gold, diamonds, copper, coltan, and other high-value minerals to meet the growing demand of the Western world.

    News Anchor: Despite calls for a ceasefire and the presence of UN peacekeepers, a deteriorating humanitarian situation of poverty and corruption jeopardize hopes of a lasting peace and reconstruction of the shattered nation.

  • [first lines]

    News Anchor: From a secret island in the South Pacific, the courageous Tracy family run an organization called International Rescue. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, they are always first on the scene. They go by the name they gave they're incredible machines. The Thunderbirds. 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - Thunderbirds are GO!

  • News Anchor: If we could come together and cooperate to overcome the danger that threatened us, can't we take this opportunity to work together for all eternity?

  • News Anchor: Now to the question that has no clear answer. How did two twenty-something young men land a three-hundred-million-dollar Pentagon contract?

  • News Anchor: Today's top stories: The United States government brings charges against Fielding Mellish as a subversive impostor, New York garbage men are striking for a better class of garbage, and the National Rifle Association declares death a good thing.

  • [last lines]

    News Anchor: Because your whole world can change in 24 hours.

  • News Anchor: Since the superheroes imprisoned all of the supervillains over ten years ago, they have had no enemy to fight. That, coupled with recent press coverage of superheroes living on luxury lifestyles with taxpayers' money, has raised questions about whether the government should continue subsidizing the supercorps.

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