Nekron Quotes in Fire and Ice (1983)


Nekron Quotes:

  • Nekron: Why have you brought me this?

    Juliana: This is your bride, my son. She will be mother to your sons.

    Nekron: How thoughtful, Mother. I need no bride, and no sons.

    Juliana: But you need heirs.

    Nekron: I need nothing!

  • Nekron: Next time you present me with one of your little sluts, Mother dear... I'll squash you like a bug.

  • Teegra: Nekron, you're a great power in the world. You have all that any man ever wants or needed... and yet you despair. For there is one thing you lack - one gift that only you can bestow between our people. Peace. This is the gift that heals the heart of the giver. Nekron, I extend my hand in friendship. I offer peace between our people. Will you not take my hand? Will you not call me friend?

    Nekron: Woman, I spit on peace. I spit on you.

  • Taro: We have come, Lord Nekron, to negotiate between our two peoples, and the return to Fire Keep of my sister, Teegra, whom your warriors basely kidnapped. My father, King Jarol, has empowered me to offer a peace between our kingdoms in exchange for his continued sovereignty and my sister's freedom.

    Nekron: It seems to me that my envoys made a similar offer not long since, and that it was spurned by your illustrious sire.

    Taro: You know full well, Nekron, that offer was made before your minions kidnapped my sister.

    Nekron: I fear, Good Prince, I cannot offer peace to a people who have refused to proclaim me their rightful overlord. As to your sister, I must admit that until this moment the idea of mating with her filled me with loathing. Perhaps I should reconsider. Your sister, after all, is not wholly unattractive, as lesser beasts go.

  • Juliana: You have done well, my son. The North Village has fallen. We have won.

    Nekron: I want to thank you, Mother.

    Juliana: The Great Plain is all that stands between ourselves and Fire Keep.

    Nekron: That is a long distance.

    Juliana: A distance we may not have to travel. I am sending our envoys to Jarol with our new demands.

    Nekron: He will not submit.

    Juliana: Perhaps.

  • Nekron: Get that garbage out of here.

  • Nekron: Pig you are... and like a pig shall you die.

  • Nekron: Why have you come seeking me?

    Larn: You killed my people.

    Nekron: We've had to dispose of so many undesirables of late.

  • Nekron: Die! Die! Why don't you die?

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