Nancy Huff Quotes in Step Brothers (2008)


Nancy Huff Quotes:

  • [about Robert]

    Brennan Huff: I'm not gonna call him Dad.

    Nancy Huff: Brennan, you're 39 years old. I wouldn't expect you to call him Dad.

    Brennan Huff: Well I'm not going to, *ever*! Even if there's a fire!

  • Dr. Robert Doback: You jagaloons! You're failures! FAILURES!

    Brennan Huff: Hey, you're embarrassing yourself, you geriatric fuck!

    Nancy Huff: Brennan.

    Brennan Huff: Two things: You keep your liver-spotted hands off my beautiful mother. She's a saint! And then you sit down and you write Dale and Brennan a check for $10,000.

    Nancy Huff: Oh, stop it! Stop it right...

    Brennan Huff: Or I'm gonna shove one of those fake hearing devices so far up your ass...

    Nancy Huff: Brennan!

    Brennan Huff: can hear the sound of your small intestine as it produces shit!

  • Brennan Huff: Robert better not get in my face... 'cause I'll drop that motherfucker!

    Nancy Huff: Jesus, Brennan!

  • Brennan Huff: I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.

    Nancy Huff: You dont know anyone named Johnny Hopkins.

    Brennan Huff: It was Johnny Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering, and they were blazin' that shit up everyday.

  • Nancy Huff: You yelled "rape" at the top of your lungs.

    Brennan Huff: Mom, I honestly thought I was gonna be raped for a second. He had the craziest look in his eyes. And at one point he said, "Lets get it on."

    Dale Doback: That was about the fighting. I am so not a raper!

    Brennan Huff: Look, I didn't touch your drum set, okay?

    Dale Doback: I witnessed with my eyes your testicles touching my drum set.

  • Dr. Robert Doback: We're putting the house on the market.

    Dale Doback: Where are we moving?

    Brennan Huff: Is the house haunted?

    Dr. Robert Doback: Nancy and I are retiring and sailing around the world on my boat. We are living the dream.

    Dale Doback: Well what about us?

    Nancy Huff: I- I'm sorry. Robert... we thought that you should take responsibility for your own lives.

    Dr. Robert Doback: And this is the exciting part. We're gonna put enough money in your accounts for a security deposit on an apartment.

    Dale Doback: What's this all about?

    Nancy Huff: Um, more than just money. We're gonna get you another kind of support as well.

    Dr. Robert Doback: You're both gonna see therapists. Nancy thinks it'll help. And guys, that's non-negotiable.

    Brennan Huff: Hold on. We're not going on the boat, Derek's selling the house, we have to go to therapy?

    [Robert nods]


  • Nancy Huff: [Brennan and Dale are sleeping, Nancy walks in to wake them up] Guys. Guys. Guys!

    Brennan Huff: [Both guys wake up and quote last line from their dreams] I'll kill you, Leonard Nimoy.

    Dale Doback: The clown has no penis.

    Nancy Huff: What kind of dreams are you guys having? Hey, it's 12:30. Brennan, your brother's coming today, so you might want to get up.

    Brennan Huff: Today?

    Nancy Huff: Yep.

    Brennan Huff: Shit.

    Dale Doback: What's your problem?

    Brennan Huff: My little brother is even a bigger asshole than you are.

  • Nancy Huff: [as Dale and Brennan knock each other out after fighting each other] WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

  • Dr. Robert Doback: [they start getting hot and heavy] My name is Robert, and I play racquetball. I collect coins.

    [breathes heavily]

    Dr. Robert Doback: Sweet Jesus! I love Korean food!

    Nancy Huff: [breathing heavily] I am Nancy Huff; I know how to make Tandoori Chicken.

    [continues undressing]

    Nancy Huff: I contribute to NPR every single year...


    Nancy Huff: ... and I love the movies of Rob Reiner! Pilates changed my life!

    [they continue making out while stripping off their clothes]

    Dr. Robert Doback: [they make out on the bed] I have a boat, and I wanna retire and sail around the world...

    Nancy Huff: Oh, I LOVE the sea!

    [they kiss and embrace each other]

    Dr. Robert Doback: And I drive a Mercedes and I have a 40-year-old son, Dale, who still lives at home!


    Nancy Huff: [rises from the bed and looks down at him, shocked] What did you *just* say?

    Dr. Robert Doback: [sulks] Oh! I knew I shouldn't have told you that!

    Nancy Huff: I have a 39-year-old son named Brennan- who still lives at home with me!

    [they begin to have sex]

  • Nancy Huff: [speaking at her wedding] Well, as you all know, my youngest son, Derek, couldn't be here because of an important fishing trip. But my other son, Brennan, was going to be moving into his own place, but he was recently let go from his job at PetSmart, so he is gonna be living with us.

    Brennan Huff: [raises up out of his chair] I wasn't *fired* from my job, I was laid off, but you wouldn't know the difference!

    [he raises his plate]


    [Brennan throws his plate and walks out of the room]

    Brennan Huff: This wedding is *HORSESHIT!*

  • Nancy Huff: [During Christmas Dinner. Tiffany is 12] What about you Tiffany, what did you get for Christmas?

    Tiffany: I got this Mikimoto pearl necklace, but next year I'm gonna ask Santa for breast implants because I'm impatient with my body.

  • Dr. Robert Doback: [about Dale] He left college his junior year because he said he wanted to join the family business.

    Nancy Huff: But... you're a medical doctor.

    Dr. Robert Doback: Believe me, I've told him that.

  • Dale Doback: I manage a baseball team.

    Nancy Huff: Oh, little league?

    Dale Doback: Fantasy league.

  • Nancy Huff: We were so sad you guys couldn't come to the wedding.

    Dr. Robert Doback: We completely understand. You were busy fishing... with Mark Cuban.

    Derek: Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, not just the Cubes, but Chris Daughtry, Jeff Probst, super chef Bobby Flay. I mean, it was insane. It was almost too much.

  • Dale Doback: Is my dad upset about the stuff that happened?

    Nancy Huff: Robert was very upset, yes. He knows that you interviewed as a team. And he heard about the fart.

    Brennan Huff: Oh, he did?

    Nancy Huff: Yeah. You just couldn't hold it, or you...?

    Dale Doback: No. I thought it was gonna be silent.

    Brennan Huff: It was not silent.

    Dale Doback: It just kept going, and it made a sound. It was embarrassing.

    Brennan Huff: It got louder. It got louder.

  • [first lines]

    Nancy Huff: Hey, Brennan.

    Brennan Huff: Mom, I'm watching the thing...

    Nancy Huff: Yeah. I'm leaving.

    Brennan Huff: ...with the lady.

    Nancy Huff: Okay, I'll be home around 11.

    Brennan Huff: Bye, Mom.

    Nancy Huff: Bye, Brennan.

    Aerobic Instructress on TV: Let's slowly get those hips up.

    [Brennan shoves his hand down his pants]

    Aerobic Instructress on TV: Good. Now, hold it right here. Great.

  • Nancy Huff: Brennan, Denise called and she said she can't spend New Year's Eve with you because she's not your girlfriend, she's your therapist.

    Brennan Huff: Is that what she said? She's a rascal.

  • Dr. Robert Doback: Oh God, you're impressive.

    Derek: Oh, come on. I love talking to you from across the room. I feel like we have a thing. You and me, man! You're my new stepdad! You're unbelievable!

    [Robert laughs giddily]

    Nancy Huff: I-I've never heard that laugh before.

    Dale Doback: Dad, why are you acting so weird?

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