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Nadya Quotes:

  • Johnny Blaze: That's the guy? He looks like he works on a cruise ship.

    Nadya: Am I gonna regret taking you?

    Johnny Blaze: Um, yeah, probably.

  • Johnny Blaze: When we get where we're going, the Rider's going to come out. And when he does... he'll destroy whoever's got it coming. Nadya, this thing... there's no reason, no conscience, just hunger. In his eyes, you're no different than Carrigan. You're no different than any of them.

    Nadya: I'm not afraid of you.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah? Well, you should be.

  • Moreau: Without the Rider, we stand very little chance against Roarke.

    Johnny Blaze: I thought you were supposed to have faith.

    Moreau: I do. But also, I think we should have weapons.

    Johnny Blaze: Guns and wine. Naughty priests.

    Nadya: [touches an automatic gun] I'm starting to like you again, Moreau.

  • Nadya: When you met the seducer, he offered you something.

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah. My father's life. Shocker, he lied.

    Nadya: For me, it was only myself. It was suppose to be a big score for Carrigan, but it went bad. I made it out of the third-floor window. I was choking on my own blood. I knew I was gonna die. I could feel it. And that's when he found me.

    Roarke: [flash back] You look like you could use a little help.

    Johnny Blaze: Roarke.

    Nadya: He promised to take the pain away to save my life. But he asked for something in return.

    Johnny Blaze: A son?

    Nadya: Maybe can never understand.

    Johnny Blaze: No, I get it. You're the Devil's baby mama.

  • Nadya: Moreau?

    Johnny Blaze: Yeah. Black, French, alcoholic priest, kind of a dick. Why, do you know him?

  • Moreau: The day of prophecy is tomorrow. We were to hold the boy until the danger passes.

    Methodius: The danger will not pass, Moreau. As long as the boy exists, the power will always be inside him.

    Moreau: You lied to me. You lied to me!

    Methodius: This child must be destroyed.

    Nadya: No! No!

    Methodius: You might have protested while the child was being conceived. Now it is too late.

  • Johnny Blaze: There's no sign of him.

    Moreau: Whoever did this wanted him alive.

    Johnny Blaze: Well I think we all have a pretty good idea who that would be, Moreau.

    Nadya: Yes, so now he's with Roarke. Some protectors you turned out to be.

    Johnny Blaze: What exactly does Roarke want with Danny? What are his plans for his son? Is he putting money away for college? What?

    Moreau: It is the day of prophecy. As was the day Danny was conceived. The child must be in his 13th year before the rite can be performed on the dawn of a new winter.

    Johnny Blaze: The rite.

    Moreau: Roarke fathered the boy as a vessel, as a container for his power. The ritual will transform his essence, his soul into the boy. There will be no more Danny. Only Roarke.

    Nadya: No!

    Johnny Blaze: Why the hell didn't you tell us this, Moreau?

    Moreau: Hey. You are the one who that made a deal with Roarke! Both of you! Something I would never do.

    Johnny Blaze: All right. The prophecy, you said it had to happen at the dawn of a new day. Well, that's good. Maybe there's still time. Do you know where Roarke has him?

    Moreau: I think so. Yes.

    Nadya: What, so now you want to play hero? You got what you wanted.

    Johnny Blaze: Yes, I did. Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain.

    Moreau: Your welcome.

    Johnny Blaze: If I can spend the rest of my life as a free man without a curse from Hell hanging over my head, yeah, I'll take it. But I promised Danny he'd be safe. If I walk away now, I'm just trading one demon for another. Let's go.

  • Nadya: I'm entitled to my lawyer...

    Miller: You're entitled to shit. You're entitled to tell me what you know.

  • Nadya: Good night, Danny Trejo.

  • [Kermit tries to sneak out through a secret tunnel in his cell]

    Nadya: [in the tunnel] It's the first escape everyone tries!

    [Kermit disguises himself as a laundry worker]

    Nadya: [in Kermit's laundry] It's the second escape people try!

    [Kermit travels through the lavatory sewers]

    Nadya: [on a toilet seat] Third way!

  • Nadya: Oh you little bleached b*tch!

    Raisa Zakharovna: What do you mean, bleached? This is my natural color!

  • Vasya (in a letter): Nadya, we fly back home on the fourth.

    Nadya: What day is it today?

    Lyuda: 11th.

    Nadya: Well, they must have arrived by now.

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