Nabi Quotes in Postal (2007)


Nabi Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Asif: Congratulations, Nabi. We are at the doorstep of our martyrdom.

    Nabi: Praise Allah.

    Asif: Praise him! Soon, we will be greeted by Allah, the one true god... and by the cheers of our Four Fathers... and by ninety-nine perfect virgins who will worship us... for ALL eternity!

    Nabi: [pause] I thought it was one hundred.

    Asif: What's that?

    Nabi: One hundred virgins. They promised me one hundred.

    Asif: Ninety-nine, one hundred. What's the difference?

    Nabi: If they're telling you one thing and they're telling me another, maybe they don't know for sure.

    Asif: Maybe... maybe the exact number of virgins is not precise.

    Nabi: I mean, if it's in the nineties, I can live with that.

    Asif: Or seventy-five.

    Nabi: And hey, I'm not greedy, but what if it's ten?

    Asif: [pause] Well...

    Nabi: What if it's ten, but we had to split them between us?

    Asif: [smiles] Then you'd have five more virgins than you have right now, right?

    Nabi: [serious] We're talking about ETERNITY here! How long will five virgins last you? Maybe a month? But they're not going to be virgins for long, right?

    Asif: [pause] Look, would it make it feel better if we called the big guy?

    Nabi: Yes.

    Asif: Take this, then.

    [Nabi grabs hold of the steering wheel as Asif calls Osama]

    Asif: It's ringing... Osama, yes, it's Asif... No, we're on it... eh, it's fine, but security, it takes forever, you know.


    Asif: What are you going to do? Anyway, look, Nabi has a question. Will you talk to him?

    Nabi: [Quietly] No! You talk to him!

    [sighs and grabs the phone]

    Nabi: Hello! Yes... uh, it's about the virgins... really? It was one hundred when I signed up!

    [groans, then to Asif]

    Nabi: He says not that many anymore! Too many martyrs and not enough virgins to go around!

    Asif: You've got to be kidding! Does he know where we are here? Give me the phone!

    [Nabi hands over phone]

    Asif: Osama, Asif. Right now, can you tell me the number, absolutely, you can guarantee, Nabi and myself, as far as virgins are concerned?

    [pause; gets a shocked look]

    Asif: No, that's fine.

    [hangs up; to Nabi]

    Asif: We can't get anymore than twenty!

    [Both are disappointed; long pause as the passengers are briefly heard banging on the cockpit door]

    Asif: Screw this, right?

    Nabi: I'm glad you said it first!

    Asif: Okay, get on the intercom and tell them, "Passengers, we are changing course for the Bahamas!"

    Nabi: [Screaming with joy] BAHAMAS!

    [Suddenly, the passengers break in and overwhelm Asif and Nabi]

    Nabi: [We then see a window washer on the World Trade Center as the plane comes crashing into the building and the window washer]

    [Title Card; POSTAL]

  • Nabi: Look not what a man has done, but what he hopes to do.

    Saamiya: Who told you that Nabi?

    Nabi: Daddy did.

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