Myra Quotes in Death Race 2000 (1975)


Myra Quotes:

  • Junior: Joe doesn't look too happy, but you just can't keep those Frankenstein fans down.

    Machine Gun Joe VeTurbo: Lousy sons of bitches! Frankenstein...

    Myra: Give it to 'em, Joe!

    [She hands Joe a Thompson submachine gun]

    Machine Gun Joe VeTurbo: Frankenstein! You want Frankenstein? I'll give you Frankenstein!

    [Joe opens fire into the stands]

    Machine Gun Joe VeTurbo: Aarrgh!

  • Myra: You're a bear. I don't like bears.

  • Myra: [looking at missle] I thought you'd be bigger.

  • Myra: I don't know how to be a wife. I'm only 13.

  • Myra: I don't even know what hydrogen is.

  • Myra: All I ever wanted was a little pink house with a blue door... a little baby sittin' in a high chair.

  • Myra: Why won't they go away?

    Jerry Lee: They just want to see the new king of rock'n'roll.

  • Myra: God loves us. I know He does. He's just got a funny way of showing it sometimes. Sometimes I think God's gone crazy sometimes. Stuff He does, stuff He don't do.

    Hans: Well, He's had a lot to contend with in his time, too, you know. Bastards killed His kid, too.

  • Myra: When you gonna get a job that ain't just stealing from folks, Hans?

    Hans: I'm a 63-year-old, ain't worked in 20 years. Myra, where am I gonna get a job?

    Myra: Government.

    Hans: Government? "A job that ain't just stealing from folks"? Government?

  • Myra: I am Myra Breckinridge, whom no man will ever possess. The new woman whose astonishing history started with a surgeon's scalpel, and will end... who-knows-where. Just as Eve was born from Adam's rib, so Myron died to give birth to Myra. Did Myron take his own life, you will ask? Yes, and no, is my answer. Beyond that, my lips are sealed. Let it suffice for me to say that Myron is... with me, and that I am the fulfillment of all his dreams. Who is Myra Breckinridge? What is she? Myra Breckinridge is a dish, and don't you ever forget it, you motherfuckers - as the children say nowadays.

  • Myra: My purpose in coming to Hollywood is the destruction of the American male in all its particulars.

  • Myra: You have a lot to learn. All you men have a lot to learn. And I have taken it upon myself to teach you.

    Rusty Godowsky: What do you mean?

    Myra: This is the most important part of your education. The part your teachers fail to instruct you in. It's called balling.

    Rusty Godowsky: I know how to do that!

    Myra: That's what you think. Did you know you have a temperature?

    Rusty Godowsky: No I didn't!

    Myra: Well you do. But no matter. I shall cure what's wrong with you.

    Rusty Godowsky: What are you gonna do?

    Myra: I shall ball you rusty. It's very simple.

  • Myra: You unmitigated piece of shit!

  • Myron: Your goal is...

    Myra: My goal is the destruction of the last vestigial traces of traditional manhood...

    Myron: In order to...

    Myra: Realign the sexes...

    Myron: While...

    Myra: Decreasing the population...

    Myron: Thus...

    Myra: Increasing human happiness...

    Myron: And...

    Myra: Preparing humanity for its next stage.

    Myron: Bravo. Also... bullshit.

  • [Rusty is strapped to a table, bent-over]

    Myra: You think that being a man is such a simple thing. A man would ball chicks you said. Well I tried to explain it to you but you wouldn't listen, so I'm afraid you require a practical demonstration.

    [Myra puts on a strap-on, off screen, but it's rather obvious]

    Rusty Godowsky: Oh my God! Jesus, You'll kill me!

    Myra: I won't kill you, Rusty. I'll just educate you! You and the rest of America. Must be demonstrated to you practically, that there is no such thing as manhood. It died with Burt Lancaster in "Vera Cruz". Your manhood was taken by Errol Flynn and Clark Gable! I am only going to supply you with the finishing touches.

  • [Myra talks to talent agent Leticia Van Allen]

    Myra: You see, Miss Van Allen, Uncle Buck and I deal in myths, and movie stars are like gods and goddesses. When one fades, another promptly takes its place, because the human race require that the Pantheon always be filled. And you and I must seek out the glittering few that are the new stars, of our race, reborn!

  • Charlie Flager Jr.: The point is, can you prove you were married, that's all!

    Myra: Proof will arrive before the end of the week in the person of Dr Randolph Spencer Montag.

    Charlie Flager Jr.: Montag? The great dental psychiatrist?

  • Myra: Gentlemen... I am Myron Breckinridge! Uncle Buck, your fag nephew became your niece two years ago in Copenhagen and is now free as a bird and happy in being the most extraordinary woman in the world!

    Buck Loner: That's the ball game.

  • Myra: [after raping Rusty] Well, aren't you going to thank me for all the trouble I've taken?

    Rusty Godowsky: Thank you, ma'am.

  • Myra: Stand up when a woman comes in the room, you son of a bitch!

  • Myra: Oh, Leticia, they don't call you the queen of the casting couch for nothing.

    Leticia Van Allen: Hm, from what I understand, they're voting me a special Academy Award.

    Myra: An Oscar?

    Leticia Van Allen: No. A golden phallus. And let me tell you, one day we'll have our own stable of studs.

    Myra: A steady stream of sturdy studs!

    Leticia Van Allen: Hm, a boy bank where credit is always good. Sort of a layered day plan.

    Myra: God bless America!

    Leticia Van Allen: God help America!

  • Myra: What you have assembled here are the national dregs, the misfits and neurotics. In short, the fuckups of our culture.

    Buck Loner: That ain't so. They are the carefully selected candidates for future stardom.

    Myra: Bullshit!

    Buck Loner: You can't talk to me like that, young lady. I'll have you outta here so fast, your hair'll curl.

    Myra: You just try it and I'll take this place away from you lock, stock and empathy class.

  • Myron: Why are you so fascinated by the girl?

    Myra: But having raped Rusty's manhood, I must now complete the cycle and seduce his girl. Only then will my victory be complete. Thus exerting power over both sexes and, indeed, over life itself.

  • Alec Ross: I'm your guardian angel.

    Myra: You don't look so angelic to me.

    Alec Ross: Well, you know, standards are down all over.

  • Myra: They want you to go back in, don't they?

  • Myra: Where did you two meet?

    Billy: [whisperd] PRISON!

  • Harry Stoner: How old are you?

    Myra: Twenty.

    Harry Stoner: Nobody's twenty.

  • Myra: Are you OK? Do you want something?

    Harry Stoner: Yes. I want that girl in a Cole Porter song. I wanna see Lena Horne at the Cotton Club - hear Billie Holiday sing fine and mellow - walk in that kind of rain that never washes perfume away. I wanna be in love with something. Anything. Just the idea. A dog, a cat. Anything. Just something.

  • Miss Branding: Science constantly moves forwarrd. Every hour brings new discoveries.

    Myra: Your own?

    Miss Branding: My own! Otherwise what I have to give to the world would have no validity.

  • Myra: [to Nancy as she tries to convince her to join their sorority] Just remember, there's no such thing as a lone wolf here at Sherwood. We can make life awfully miserable for oddballs.

  • Ludlow: Do you love him?

    Myra: Lud, we've only had one date


    Myra: and two fights.

  • Carol: Hey... I went out with that guy Eddie in Legal. It was a total waste.

    Myra: Why is that?

    Carol: Well, look at him: he's totally cute and all, but he lives with his mom.

    Myra: So?

    Carol: "So?" I mean, come on! It's kinda' hard to get bumpin' uglies with his mom in the room next to you, huh?

    Myra: And what's wrong with your place?

    Carol: I live with my mom.

  • Reggie: [Annoyed that he can't get Myra to smile] I've heard that it takes more muscles to smile than frown.

    Myra: [sarcasm] That's how I work out.

  • Reggie: Uh, Myra, uh, heh, Myra... how 'bout lunch today?

    Myra: [sarcastic rebuff] I have lunch every day!

    Storkelson: [Amused] My man, that was a Class 'A' burn.

    Storkelson: [Mimicking Myra with a silly voice] "I have lunch every day!"

    Storkelson: [laughing] She's a bitch, but she's got some good lines!

  • Reggie: I wanted to go out with you, Myra Smuldanski, because I wanted to go out with YOU. You're attractive. And extremely witty, and very sharp. And you have a strength and a drive that I've never seen in anyone.

    Myra: [sarcasm] Are you shopping for a girl, or a GEO 'Metro?'

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