Muk Quotes in Balto (1995)


Muk Quotes:

  • Balto: [shortly after Luk and Muk save him from drowning] You two guys oughta learn how to swim someday.


    Balto: You'd be very good at it.

    [Luk and Muk are incredulous; Luk makes swimming gestures in a questioning manner]

    Muk: Well, of course we were! We were in the water, we were moving, we got wet, didn't we...?

    [suddenly realizes]

    Muk: Luk, we were swimming!

    [Balto laughs heartily]

  • Jenna: [Jenna falls in the snow because she is hurt] Ahh! Clumsy.

    Balto: No, you're not. You're hurt.

    Jenna: I'm fine.

    [Jenna gets back up but falls in the snow again]

    Jenna: Ahh! Maybe I'm not so fine. You should go ahead without me.

    Balto: Jenna...

    Jenna: No no I'll be slowing everyone down. Rosy can't hold out much longer.

    Jenna: Muk, you and Luk carry Jenna back to town on this.

    [Balto gets a branch fallen off a tree]

    Boris: And this time don't take tome out for a swim!

    [Boris giggles]

    Balto: You can make sure of that, Boris. You're gonna lead them home.

    [to Jenna]

    Balto: Just follow my marks.

    Jenna: You're going all alone?

    Balto: Won't be the first time.

    Jenna: Here.

    [Jenna takes off her bandana and puts it on Balto]

    Jenna: Afraid it won't keep you very warm.

    Balto: Yeah, it will.

    [Balto and Jenna muzzle each other]

    Muk: [Luk starts to cry] Well, of course Balto will come back. He's Balto isn't he?

    Balto: Hey! I'm coming back, with the medicine. I promise, Jenna. Go ahead, guys. Take her home.

    [Balto starts walking off but Boris stops him]

    Boris: Balto, I do not like leaving you out here alone. Who's going to tell you how cold you are?

    Balto: Boris.

    [Balto shoves Boris to look at the others]

    Balto: They need you even more then I do.

    Boris: Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone. But maybe a wolf can.

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