Mrs. Welsch Quotes in Harriet the Spy (1996)


Mrs. Welsch Quotes:

  • Ole Golly: [as she and George ride together on the bike, Harriet is asleep in the basket] You okay?

    George Waldenstein: Yeah.

    [strokes Harriet's hair]

    George Waldenstein: [they arrive at the Welsch house, Harriet wakes up]

    Harriet M. Welsch: [drowsy] Hey. How come all the lights are on?

    Mrs. Welsch: [emerging from the house, Mr.Welsch is right behind her] Where is my child?

    Harriet M. Welsch: Uh-oh.

    Mrs. Welsch: Harriet? Harriet, what are you doing in that contraption? Come in here at once.

    [Mr.Welsch quickly carries Harriet off]

    Mrs. Welsch: Miss Golly what are you doing with my child, at this hour, without my consent?

    [refering to George]

    Mrs. Welsch: Who is that?

    George Waldenstein: My name is...

    Mrs. Welsch: Shut up!

    Ole Golly: I'm sorry. We only went to dinner and then a movie.

    Mrs. Welsch: Harriet is not your daughter, Miss Golly. She is mine, and you have no idea, none, what it is like to come home and find your child is missing.

    Ole Golly: We had no idea that you'd be home this soon.

    Mrs. Welsch: I don't care. I don't what you did or where you went or why. All I know is this can never happen again... Miss Golly... You are fired!

    Harriet M. Welsch: What? No!

    [Mr.Welsch sets her down and goes to his wife]

    George Waldenstein: Just a moment. This is my fault. Please.

    Mr. Welsch: Well, it seems awful sudden.

    Ole Golly: Actually... maybe it's not. I think you're right, Mrs.Welsch. It is time for me to go.

    Mrs. Welsch: What?

    Mr. Welsch: What?

    Harriet M. Welsch: [confused] What?

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