Mrs. Traggert Quotes in A New Leaf (1971)


Mrs. Traggert Quotes:

  • [During Henry's "surprise homecoming party", Henrietta's servants shower him with gifts]

    Henry Graham: I would like to say a word, please, Mrs. Traggert. There's something about you that puzzles me.

    Henry Graham: Mmm-hmm.

    Henry Graham: Why do you continue on in the arduous position of housekeeper when by investing wisely you could have your own little townhouse in Sutton Place?

    [the servants laughs; John blows on his harmonica]

    Henry Graham: And a guarantee income for life?

    Mrs. Traggert: Oh!

    [the servants laughs again]

    Henry Graham: Surely after having successfully managed to pad the household accounts to the tune of 35,000 tax-free dollars per year for the past five years, you must've salted something away.

    Mrs. Traggert: Have I ever!


    Henry Graham: I'm not including, of course, the token salary of $800 per week...

    Mrs. Traggert: [corrects Henry] Four hundred. Four, four.

    Henry Graham: [ignores the correction] $800 a week you receive as mad money.

    Mrs. Traggert: Ah, is it mad.

    [the servants laughs once again]

    Mrs. Traggert: Ha-ha-ha! Ooh, is it mad!

    Henry Graham: Mrs. Traggert, you're fired.

    [the laughter stops abruptly]

    Mrs. Traggert: [shocked] I don't unders- I don't know what that means.

    Henry Graham: That means that you are a thief, Mrs. Traggert.

    Mrs. Traggert: On what grounds are you making this accusation?

    Henry Graham: I am calling you a thief on the basis of the household accounts which you very sensibly hid under your mattress.

    Mrs. Traggert: Well, listen, Mr. Graham, could I speak to you for just one little minute, please?

    Henry Graham: [looks at his watch] The time is now seven minutes past 9:00. If you are not out of this house by 10:00, I will call the police. Shall we synchronize our watches, or would you rather go for broke?

    Mrs. Traggert: [stammers] Uh, uh, you wouldn't-um, you wouldn't like to hear my side of the story?

    [Henry picks up the telephone receiver, then starts to call the N.Y.P.D]

    Mrs. Traggert: [in anger] All right, All right! I'm leaving!

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