Mrs. Pirie Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Mrs. Pirie Quotes:

  • Mrs. Quayle: Why, Mrs. Pirie, do come in.

    Mrs. Pirie: Scotty is gone.

    Mrs. Quayle: Gone? You mean he disappeared? How long ago?

    Kit Quayle: He hasn't been in school since Tuesday.

    Mrs. Pirie: My husband has gone to the police.

    Mrs. Quayle: Well, come in and have a cup of tea.

    Mrs. Pirie: I thought maybe Kit could go and look for Scotty on the river.

    Mrs. Quayle: You mean on the Ellison property?

    Kit Quayle: Yeah, of course I'll go.

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty's missing? There's, uh, no need for Kit to go. I shall... uh... ring Mr. Ellison.

  • Scotty Pirie: Taff's knocked the rail done and gone toward the river.

    Mrs. Pirie: Can you see him, then?

    Scotty Pirie: No. I'm going to look for him.

    Mrs. Pirie: Hold on, I'll give you a lunch to take to school.

    Scotty Pirie: I'm not going to school!

  • Sgt. Collins: Good morning, Mrs. Pirie. You know Mr. Ellison.

    James Ellison: Good morning.

    Mrs. Pirie: Would you like a cup of tea?

    James Ellison: No, thank you, Mrs. Pirie.

    Sgt. Collins: Where's Scotty? He's not at school?

    Angus Pirie: What do you want?

    Sgt. Collins: We've come for the pony, Angus.

    Mrs. Pirie: Scotty's pony?

    James Ellison: My daughter's pony, Mrs. Pirie. Your son tried to take him at the town fair.

    Angus Pirie: The pony's not here, so get off my land!

    Sgt. Collins: We'll go when we're good and ready. Do you want me to search the place, Mr. Ellison?

    James Ellison: I don't see the point. The pony could be anywhere.

    Sgt. Collins: [pointing to Angus] He knows where it is.

    James Ellison: Do you?

    [Angus walks away]

    Sgt. Collins: Don't be a fool, Angus. If I find you're hiding that pony, I'll lock you up, and your boy, too.

    Angus Pirie: You just leave my boy alone and get off my land!

    Sgt. Collins: Angus...

    Angus Pirie: Get off my land!

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