Mrs. Jones Quotes in Friday (1995)


Mrs. Jones Quotes:

  • Mrs. Jones: Craig, you know what your problem is? You have no game.

    Craig Jones: What do you know about game? I got ALL the game.

    Mrs. Jones: Now your father... he has game.

    Mr. Jones: [coming out of the bathroom] Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes. Somebody open up a window.

    Craig Jones: You call that game?

  • Craig Jones: Mom, loan me 200 dollars.

    Mrs. Jones: Craig, I wouldn't feel comfortable lending you money without a job.

    Craig Jones: If I had a job, I wouldn't need to borrow any money.

    Mrs. Jones: Exactly.

  • Mrs. Jones: [looks at Ms. Parker in a disgusted way and says to herself] Look at her... She know she ought to be ashamed of herself comin' out here lookin' like that.

    [Yells and Waves]

    Mrs. Jones: HEY GIRL!

    Mrs. Parker: [Waves back] Hey, how you doin'?

    Mrs. Jones: Fine I'm on my way to work.

    Mrs. Parker: Call me when you get home...

    Mrs. Jones: [fakely] OK...

  • Mrs. Jones: [Mrs. Pearly has seduced Willie] Willie, get yo ass off that heifer!

    Mr. Jones: Betty!

    Craig Jones: Daddy, get yo ass off that heifer!

  • Mrs. Jones: Planning on stealing something?

    Elliot Moore: No, ma'am, we're not.

    Mrs. Jones: Plan on murdering me in my sleep?

    Elliot Moore: What? No!

  • Mrs. Jones: [to Elliot and Alma] So what's with you two? Who's chasing who?

    Alma Moore: I'm sorry?

    Mrs. Jones: Ain't no time two people staring at each other, or standing still, loving both with their eyes are equal. Truth is, someone is chasing someone. That's the way we's built. So, who's chasing?

    [Elliot raises his hand]

  • Mrs. Jones: [to Elliot] Why are you eyeing my lemon drink?

  • Alma Moore: Mrs. Jones, um, something's happened along the east coast.

    Mrs. Jones: Whatever it is that you think is so important that you need to tell me - don't. Just keep it to yourself. The world don't care about me. I don't care about it.

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