Mrs. Ellison Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Mrs. Ellison Quotes:

  • Mrs. Ellison: Josie, what are you doing with that pony?

    Josie Ellison: I'm coming out riding with you.

    James Ellison: Josie, you can't.

    Josie Ellison: Yes, I can. I often used to ride without stirrups.

    Mrs. Ellison: I know, darling, but now you must...

    Josie Ellison: It's only a matter of balance. I *know* I can do it.

    James Ellison: Bluey, take the pony back inside.

    Josie Ellison: No, Dad! Dad, I'm going to...

    James Ellison: Bluey.

  • Mrs. Ellison: James, if you're going into town, could you stop by the Quayles and ask if Jeannie Quayle could come to tea on Sunday?

    James Ellison: Yes, of course.

    Mrs. Ellison: Josie really hasn't enough to do. It's so difficult. There are so few children around here that she can associate with.

    James Ellison: Quayle's something of a troublemaker.

    Mrs. Ellison: But Jeannie's a nice little girl. Quite ladylike. Where is Josie? I thought she was here with you.

    James Ellison: She's doing her lessons, isn't she?

    Mrs. Ellison: No, she'd be finished by now.

    [Suddenly they hear Josie screaming]

  • Mrs. Ellison: You must promise me, darling, that you won't ride again.

    Josie Ellison: No!

    James Ellison: Josie, you must. You could've been killed.

    Josie Ellison: I won't be stuck in that house all the time, I won't! And I hate that wheelchair.

    James Ellison: Josie, we'll manage something. I promise we will.

  • Bluey Waters: Look at her go!

    James Ellison: I just realized how light that buggy is with only Josie in it.

    Mrs. Ellison: But look what she's doing now! James, she's going to...

    James Ellison: I know, but she must learn for herself what she can and what she can't do.

    Mrs. Ellison: Not Josie. What she can't do, she'll simply try to do.

  • Mrs. Ellison: I haven't seen her so happy since - since it happened.

    Josie Ellison: Isn't he wonderful?

    James Ellison: Josie, I'm going to enter you for best pony turnout at the town carnival. You think you'll win?

    Josie Ellison: Bo can win anything.

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