Mrs. Cartman Quotes in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)


Mrs. Cartman Quotes:

  • [person speaking German on "cliteris" website]

    Kyle: Dude, it's a lady getting pooed on!

    Stan: Whoa! Is it Cartman's mom?

    Cartman: Oh, very funny!

    Kyle: Hey! It IS Cartman's mom!

    Mrs. Cartman: [man speaking German on computer] All righty then!

    Cartman: SON OF A BI...


    Cartman: AHHH!

    Ike: [bounces in] Ba ba ba ba.

    Kyle: Get out of here, Ike. You're too young for this stuff!

    Ike: Bullshit.

    Stan: What's she doing now?

    German: Essen meine scheisse.

    Mrs. Cartman: Okey-dokey!

    KyleStanCartman: [they see something gross] AWWWWWW!

    Stan: [pukes] Click it off, dude, click it off!

    [Kyle clicks it off]

    Stan: Dude, what the fuck is wrong with German people?

  • Sheila Broflovski: What the heck is a rimjob?

    Mrs. Cartman: Why, that's where you put your legs behind your head and let someone lick your ass.

  • [demonstrating a "V-Chip" planted into Cartman]

    Dr. Vosknocker: Now, I want you to say "doggy".

    Cartman: Doggy.

    Dr. Vosknocker: [to audience] Notice, that nothing happens.

    [to Cartman]

    Dr. Vosknocker: Now, say "Montana".

    Cartman: Montana.

    Dr. Vosknocker: Good. Now, "pillow".

    Cartman: Pillow.

    Dr. Vosknocker: All right. Now I want you to say "horse fucker".

    Mrs. Cartman: Go on, honey. It's all right.

    Cartman: Horse fu...

    [gets shocked by the V-chip]

    Cartman: That hurts, goddamnit!

    [gets shocked again]

    Dr. Vosknocker: Now I want you to say "big floppy donkey dick".

    Cartman: No!

    Dr. Vosknocker: [to audience] Success! The child doesn't want to swear!

    Cartman: This isn't fair, you sons of bi...

    [gets shocked repeatedly]

  • Cartman: Mom? If you were in a German "scheisse" video, you... you'd tell me, right?

    [short pause]

    Mrs. Cartman: Sure, hon.

  • Mr. Mackey: I guess I'll have to send a warning letter out to parents before more children see Terrence & Phillip.

    Cartman: Everybody's fucking seen it.

    Mrs. Cartman: Eric!

    Cartman: I'm sorry I can't help myself. That movie has warped my fragile little mind.

  • Chef: [singing] Everything worked out what a happy end. Americans and Canadians are friends again. So let's all join hands and knock oppression down.

    CartmanKyleStan: Don't you know our little lives are now complete?

    Mrs. CartmanSheila Broflovski: 'Cause Terrance and phillip are sweet.

    Sheila Broflovski: Super sweet.

    everyone: Thank God we live in this quiet, little pissant, redneck, podunk, jerkwater, greenhorn, one-horse, mudhole, peckerwood, right-wing, whistle-stop, hobnail, truck-driving, old-fashioned, hayseed, inbred, unkempt, out-of-date, white trash...

    CartmanKyleStan: Kick-ass!

    everyone: Mountain... town!

  • Mrs. Cartman: [singing "Blame Canada"] And my little boy eric, had my picture on his shelf / And now when he sees me he tells me to go fuck myself!

  • Cartman: [after seeing Kenny's ghost] Mom I saw him, I saw Kenny!

    Mrs. Cartman: Oh, you poor dear! You've been through so much.

    Cartman: I bet him he couldn't light a fart on fire, and now he's all pissed off

    [gets shocked]

    Cartman: damn I can't say "pissed off" either!

    [gets shocked again]

  • Sheila Broflovski: Kyle you are grounded for two weeks.

    Sharon Marsh: You too Stan.

    Mrs. Cartman: And you're grounded for three weeks Eric.

    Cartman: Hey! Why am I grounded more that's fuckin' bullshit!

    Mrs. Cartman: What, what, what? What was that word young man?

  • Eric Cartman: Mom, there's someone at the door.

    [No reply]

    Eric Cartman: Mom, I said there's someone at the door!

    Mrs. Cartman: Coming, hun.

    Eric Cartman: [as Liane walks past] Ay, I can't see the TV!

    Mrs. Cartman: Oh, look Eric, It's your little friends!

    Ike Broflovski: Fireman!

    Eric Cartman: What are you guys doing here?

    [Stan holds up the piece of paper with the movie ad on it]

    Eric Cartman: Aw, sweet dudes! Yes, YEEES!

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