Mr. J.B. Baxter Quotes in Christmas in July (1940)


Mr. J.B. Baxter Quotes:

  • Mr. J.B. Baxter: I hope I'm not intruding.

    Jimmy MacDonald: Oh, no, sir. I - I was just coming down to see you. We... stopped in to take a look at the office and...

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: So I noted. I hope you like it.

    Betty Casey: Oh, it's beautiful.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: It isn't every young man who gets his own office *and* a private secretary at your age. With many of 'em I might be afraid it would go to their head. But I think you have your feet pretty solidly on the ground.

    Jimmy MacDonald: Mr. Baxter, the...

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Oh, I mean it sincerely! Mr. Jenkins and I discussed our little meeting at *great* length after you left and I want you to know that we were genuinely impressed. Genuinely so!

    Jimmy MacDonald: Well that's certainly nice to hear.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: The more we thought about your ideas, the more aware we became of their... pungency! Of their gravity!

    Jimmy MacDonald: Well, that's...

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Of their crispness!

    Jimmy MacDonald: Well, thank you, sir, it's certainly...

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: You have a genuine talent for slogans. It must be like having an ear for music. Now you take me - I sing flat. And you, on the other hand, are a born sloganeer. "It's bread in the bean." Hot ziggitty!

    Jimmy MacDonald: Well, it's certainly wonderful to hear, Mr. Baxter. I kinda got something on my mind, but you've certainly made me feel a lot better. I mean - they're still the same ideas, aren't they? If... they... were good this afternoon, they're - they're still good. Well, they'd - they'd have to be. They're the same.

    Betty Casey: Of course they are.

    Jimmy MacDonald: Of course they are.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: I'm not quite sure that I have your thought.

    Jimmy MacDonald: I mean if you thought the ideas were good this afternoon you - you - still think they're good, don't you?

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Well of course I do!


    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Why?

    Jimmy MacDonald: Well, I mean since they *were* good and they're *still* good, they have to be *good*. And then it wouldn't make so much difference - or - or *any* difference if I hadn't won the contest... the - the Maxford House contest. Would it?

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: [incredulous] Of course it would make a difference.

    Jimmy MacDonald: [disappointed] Oh... it would.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Certainly, it would!

  • Betty Casey: Why?

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: I'm no genius. I didn't hang on to my father's money by backing my own judgment, you know. I make mistakes every day. Sometimes, several times a day. I have a whole warehouse *full* of mistakes. I should say it *would* make a difference. You see, I think your ideas are good, because they sound good to me. But I know your ideas are good, because you won this contest over millions of aspirants.

    Jimmy MacDonald: Yes, but you see, Mr. Baxter...

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: It's what you might call commercial insurance. As when a horse wins the Derby, you back him for the Preakness.

    Jimmy MacDonald: [defeated] Well, I didn't win it.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: The Preakness?

    Jimmy MacDonald: The contest. It didn't win anything. It was a joke.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: [shouts] A joke?

    Jimmy MacDonald: That's what they meant it to be, anyway.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: [shouts] Who did?

    Jimmy MacDonald: Some of the fellas. Oh, they didn't mean any harm. They just wanted to see how I'd look when I got the news.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Well you tell me their names and we'll see how they look when I give them some news.

    Jimmy MacDonald: I wouldn't care to do that, Mr. Baxter. I... oh, it doesn't matter.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: What do you mean, it doesn't matter? After I spend a whole afternoon, listening to a lot of... baloney, entirely predicated on the winning of this contest! And giving you this office!

    Jimmy MacDonald: But how 'bout "It's *bread* in the *bean*."? The *blueblood* coffee."?

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Well, I don't know what about it! We'll find that out! They'll be plenty of time for that. But I won't be made a fool of, you understand. I can't go around giving out private offices and private secretaries on the strength of a prank that, personally, I consider far from funny.

    Jimmy MacDonald: Yes, sir.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: [shouts] Yes, sir!!

  • Jimmy MacDonald: It'll be kinda hard to face that... gang, tomorrow morning from behind a desk.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: It would be just as hard to face them from in here, if you didn't *belong* here - uneasy lies the head...

    Betty Casey: He *does* belong in here, Mr. Baxter.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Now what is the joke this time?

    Betty Casey: He belongs in here because he thinks he belongs in here, because he thinks he...

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Oh, that's all very deep dish and high fallutin', but from a practical...

    Betty Casey: It is practical, Mr. Baxter. It's the most practical idea you ever had. He belongs in here because he thinks he has ideas. He belongs in here until he proves himself or fails and... then... someone else belongs in here until he prove himself or fails and somebody else after that and somebody else after him and so on and so on for always. Oh... I don't know how to... put it into words like Jimmy could, but... all he wanted, all any of them want is a - is a chance to show - to find out what got while they're still young and burning like a short cut or a stepping stone. Oh, I know they're not gonna succeed, at least most of them won't, they'll all be like Mr. Waterbury soon enough, most of them, anyway. But they won't mind it. They'll find something else, and they'll be happy, because they had their chance. Because it's one thing to muff a chance once you've had it... it's another thing never to have had a chance. His name's already on the door.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: [looking to the door] Well, if anything decided me. That would be it.

    Betty Casey: Mr. Baxter

    [smiling joyously]

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Now you've talked enough. Desks have already been moved and the name is painted on as you so skillfully pointed out, so we'll try it for a *very* short time, you understand? At no advance in salary, you understand?

    Jimmy MacDonald: Yes, sir.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: And for a *very* short time.

    Jimmy MacDonald: Yes, sir.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: After all, this is a business institution, not a cultural... project.

    Jimmy MacDonald: You'll never be sorry, Mr. Baxter.

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Yes, well I'm a little bit sorry already, so just let it go at that. Good night and be on time in the morning.

    [Betty smothers him in kisses]

    Mr. J.B. Baxter: Oh, psshaw!

  • Mr. J.B. Baxter: Well that sounds very deep dish and high falutin'.

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