Mr. Huey Quotes in Nick of Time (1995)


Mr. Huey Quotes:

  • [Mr. Watson walks past Mr. Huey the shoe shiner for the first time]

    Mr. Huey: You having a rough day? Down at the heels, as they say? You don't see your face, you don't pay. What you need is a shoe shine. Shoe shine today.

  • [Mr. Watson sits down and meets Huey the shoe shiner]

    Mr. Huey: Come on. Take 10. Take a break. Take a load off. Put the world in perspective. So... are you a visitor?

    Gene Watson: No. No, I'm just visiting.

    Mr. Huey: Oh, yeah? So what do you do, if I may be so bold.

  • [Mr. Watson tells Mr. Huey that he's an accountant]

    Gene Watson: I'm an accountant.

    Mr. Huey: Well, don't denigrate yourself, my friend. Where would the government be without accountants, huh? They wouldn't know how hard they could squeeze us until we popped. Isn't that right?

  • [Mr. Watson tries to tell Mr. Huey about his daughter]

    Gene Watson: [Mr. Watson whispers] Sir. Sir... I need your help.

    Mr. Huey: What was that? You have to speak up.

    Gene Watson: [Mr. Watson talks low] There's a little girl in a van. She's my daughter.

    Mr. Huey: I'm a little deaf in this ear. I mean, between that and my wooden leg, I'm all messed up. Compliments of the United States Army artillery corps.

  • [Mr. Watson tries to still convince Mr. Huey about the Governor assassination]

    Gene Watson: Listen, something's going to happen. When it's over with, you'll know what I was talking about.

    Mr. Huey: What? The end of the world? Look man, don't give me your crazy rap. I'm not a bartender, I don't want to hear it. I raise a family doing this bullshit. Do me a favor? Get your white ass out of my chair. Big tip doesn't give you the right to crap in my ear.

  • [Mr. Huey comes up with a plan for Mr. Watson to change clothes with the guest service employee Gustino]

    Mr. Huey: Hey, quick. Quick. Off with the shoes and pants. Trade with Gustino.

    Gene Watson: What are you talking about?

    Mr. Huey: Don't worry about it.

    Mr. Huey: [as Mr. Huey sees the two stand quiet looking at each other] Oh, no time to be shy ladies. Come on, do what I tell you.

  • [Mr. Huey startles Ms. Jones as he begins to clean her van windshield]

    Ms. Jones: Hey, what-what are you doing?

    Mr. Huey: [Mr. Huey sprays and wipes her windshield] I'm just giving you the gift of a clean windshield.

    Ms. Jones: No, no, I don't want my windshield clean. So, just get out of here.

    Mr. Huey: Oh, you just think you don't want your windshield clean.

    Ms. Jones: No, I know that I don't want my windshield cleaned. So, get out of here.

    Mr. Huey: Oh, come on. Don't be like that. Just think of me as the Moses of dirty windshields, leading you through the desert of dead bugs.

    [Mr. Huey chuckles]

  • [Mr. Huey demands Ms. Jones for his $1 after cleaning her van windshield]

    Mr. Huey: I've already done it. I've already done it. You have to pay me now.

    Ms. Jones: I ain't paying you nothing!

    Mr. Huey: Oh, come on. You want to deny me a lousy dollar. After I've sweated like a pig giving you the gift of a clean windshield?

    Ms. Jones: Fucking-A!

  • [Mr. Huey knocks out Ms. Jones with his fake leg]

    Mr. Huey: [as he kisses the wing tip of his fake leg] Nothing like a good wing tip.


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