Mr. Dean Quotes in Speed (1936)


Mr. Dean Quotes:

  • Terry Martin: Hey, that crate turned over too easy. Something wrong with that spring balance there.

    Mr. Dean: There can't be anything wrong with it. We figured it out to a T.

    Terry Martin: Yeah, well you better go on to X, Y, Z.

  • Mr. Dean: If Miss Mitchell were a boy who would someday inherit 52% of the company, everyone would applaud her for coming out to learn things from the bottom. Well, a girl can have horse sense too!

  • Joey: The bitch is a booster.

    Mike: The bitch is a born thief, man.

    Mr. Dean: So, you had her made from the jump?

    Mike: I'm tellin' ya. A ton of fuckin' bricks! Show me some REAL con-men.

    Joey: Yeah, we showed her some con-men.

    Mike: We showed her some DINOSAUR con-men. Some old style.

    Joey: Yes, sir.

    Mike: Years from now, they're gonna have to go to a museum to see a frame like this.

    Joey: That's right.

    Mr. Dean: Took her money and screwed her, too.

    Mike: A small price to pay.

  • The businessman: Mike, you are the ring-tail rounder. You are King Kong.

    Mike: One riot, one ranger.

    Mr. Dean: You put that bitch in the panic bag.

    Mike: Hey, baby, this is my road game.

    The businessman: What's next?

  • Mr. Dean: Mike, how did you know she was gonna go for it?

    Mike: Go for it? Hey, the broad's an addict!

  • Sister Clodagh: Well I really don't know what to do.

    Mr. Dean: What would Christ have done?

  • The Old General: [Speaking to the old Ayah, who dates back to when the palace, now intended for nuns, was used to house Toda Rai's father's concubines] Now listen, Ayah. I have invited some ladies to stay here, at the "house of women."

    Angu Ayah: [Ecstatic, not realizing that the "ladies" Toda Rai is referring to are nuns] Ladies! Oh, that will be like old times!

    The Old General: It will not be in the least like old times. They are not that kind of "lady" at all!

    Angu Ayah: Then they won't be any fun.

    The Old General: They are not coming for fun. These are nuns. Do you know what a nun is?

    Angu Ayah: [Disdainfully] They kneel and pray all day like the monks you invited last year.

    The Old General: I'm going to give them this house to make a school and a hospital for the people.

    Angu Ayah: [Agitated, her voice rising] You know nobody here wants a school, and I'm sure they don't want a hospital!

    The Old General: How do they know what they want until they try?

    [Mr. Dean enters the room]

    The Old General: The people have all kinds of diseases. They have ringworms.

    Mr. Dean: They don't mind having ringworm.

    The Old General: Then they ought to mind. And it will all be free!

    Angu Ayah: It was free last time, and nobody came!

    The Old General: They will this time.

  • Mr. Dean: [Meeting Sister Clodagh for the first time] I'm the general's agent. He welcomes you to Mopu. Understood you wanted to see me.

    Sister Clodagh: We want to talk to you on business.

    Mr. Dean: I didn't suppose you wanted to talk to me about anything else.

    Mr. Dean: [Realizing his comment was a bit snarky] Sorry. Perhaps that wasn't fair.

    Sister Clodagh: Mr. Dean, you know that General Toda Rai has given us this house for a new foundation of our Order. We very much appreciate it. It's very generous of him.

    Mr. Dean: Yes. You'd like the General, Sister. He also has a superior being.

    Sister Briony: [Taken aback] Really!

    Sister Clodagh: I don't know why you are being so rude to me, Mr. Dean. I have to talk business with you whether I like it or not.

    Mr. Dean: Well, talk it, then, and don't teach at me.

  • Sister Clodagh: We all need discipline. You said yourself they're like children. Without discipline we should all behave like children.

    Mr. Dean: Oh. Don't you like children, Sister?

  • Angu Ayah: [Ayah and Mr. Dean both admire an old wall painting which depicts the palace in its former glory days, when it served as the so-called "House of Women" - a place where Toda Rai's father housed his concubines] A convent in this house! What do you think of that?

    Mr. Dean: The brothers only stayed five months. Perhaps the sisters won't stay long, either.

    [Ayah and Mr. Dean grin mischievously at each other]

  • [last lines]

    Sister Clodagh: You said you'd give us till the rains break.

    Mr. Dean: They haven't broken yet. What will they do with you down there?

    Sister Clodagh: I shall be sent to another convent with less responsibility. I shall be superseded as sister-in-charge.

    Mr. Dean: Will you be able to stomach that... a stiff-necked, obstinate creature like you?

    Sister Clodagh: It's what I need. I expect I shall have to remind myself of it a hundred times a day. I can't change in a minute, like the young General. But I shall have my ghosts to remind me.

    Mr. Dean: You're leaving me with more than one.

    Sister Clodagh: Will you do one last thing for me? I know you'd rather not do it.

    Mr. Dean: Of course I'll do it.

    Sister Clodagh: Will you look after the grave?

    Mr. Dean: All right.

    Sister Clodagh: Goodbye.

    Mr. Dean: Goodbye.

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