Mr. Dawes Jr Quotes in Mary Poppins (1964)


Mr. Dawes Jr Quotes:

  • Mr. Dawes Jr: Ah, there you are, Banks. I want to congratulate you. Capital bit of humor, wooden leg named Smith!

    [pauses looks a bit confused]

    Mr. Dawes Jr: Or, Jones, whatever it was. Father died laughing!

    George Banks: Oh, I'm so sorry, sir!

    Mr. Dawes Jr: Oh no, nonsense, nothing to be sorry about! Never seen him happier in his life. He left an opening for a new partner.

    [puts a new carnation into Banks' buttonhole]

    Mr. Dawes Jr: Congratulations.

    George Banks: Oh thank you, sir, thank you very much indeed!

    [kisses Mrs. Banks]

  • Mr. Dawes Jr: In 1773, an official of this bank unwisely loaned a large sum of money to finance a shipment of tea to the American colonies. Do you know what happened?

    George W. Banks: Yes, sir. Yes, I think I do. As the ship lay anchored in Boston Harbor, a party of the colonists dressed as red Indians boarded the vessel, behaved very rudely, and threw all the tea overboard. This made the tea unsuitable for drinking. Even for Americans.

    Mr. Dawes Jr: Precisely. The loan was defaulted. Panic ensued within these walls. There was a run on the bank.

    Mr. Dawes Sr.: From that time to this, sir, there has not been a run on this bank - UNTIL TODAY. A run, sir, caused by the disgraceful conduct of your son. Do you deny it?

    George W. Banks: I do not deny it, sir, and I shall gladly assume responsibility for my son.

  • Mr. Banks: You see, Michael, you'll be part of Railways through Africa.

    Mr. Dawes Sr.: Exactly.

    Mr. Banks: Dams across the Nile.

    Mr. Dawes Sr.: The ships, tell them about the ships.

    Mr. Banks: Fleets of ocean greyhounds.

    Mr. Dawes Sr.: More, tell them more!

    Mr. Banks: Majestic self-amortizing canals.

    Mr. Dawes Sr.: Oh, it fires the imagination!

    Mr. Banks: [singing] Plantations of ripening tea all from...

    Mr. BanksMr. Dawes Sr.Mr. Dawes JrMr. TomesMr. MousleyMr. Grubbs: [singing] Tuppence: prudently, thriftily, frugally invested in the...

    Mr. Dawes Sr.: To be specific...

    Mr. BanksMr. Dawes Sr.Mr. Dawes JrMr. TomesMr. MousleyMr. Grubbs: [singing] In the Dawes, Tomes, Mousley, Grubbs, Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.

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