Mr. David Quotes in Multiple Maniacs (1970)


Mr. David Quotes:

  • Mr. David: I love you so fucking much, I could *shit*.

  • Mr. David: Yes folks, this isn't any cheap X-rated movie or any 5th rate porno play, this is the show you want! Lady Divine's cavalcade of perversions, the sleaziest show on earth! Not actors, not paid impostors, but real actual filth who have been carefully screened in order to present to you the most flagrant violation of natural law known to man! These assorted sluts, fags, dykes and pimps know no bounds! They have committed acts against God and nature, acts that by their mere existence would make any decent person recoil in disgust!

  • Lady Divine: What about you, Mr. Angel? What about those house-robbings and how about Sharon Tate! How about that!

    Mr. David: I told you to never bring that up again. I cannot remember it and I will not.

    Lady Divine: Had a real ball that night, didn't you?

    Mr. David: STOP IT!

    Lady Divine: If I didn't know any better I'd swear you were having an orgy!

    Mr. David: Well, you were there, too!

    Lady Divine: Ah, but I didn't do what YOU did - P-I-G! You're going to jail. If I go to jail, it'll be for other things, and if I go to jail, I just might start remembering. I just might crack that Tate case for them - what have I got to lose!

  • Lady Divine: How dare you contaminate my dressing room with this little piece of filth?

    Mr. David: She is not. She is an auto-erotica copraphrasiac and a gerontophiliac, and I just thought you might be interested in her for the show, that's all.

  • Mr. David: [going through someone elses wallet] What ugly children they have!

  • Lady Divine: How dare you contaminate my dressing room with this little piece of filth!

    Mr. David: She is not! She's an auto-erotic coprophiliac and a gerontophiliac and I just thought you might be interested in her for the show, that's all.

    Bonnie: Yes and I can start immediately. I have this great act all worked out, with this great old man in his late 70s and his mirror, well, actually he's my...

    Lady Divine: [in disgust] Oh!

    Bonnie: ...and we used to have kind of a thing together, and I heard about this show and I thought what an ideal setup, I mean!

    Lady Divine: Get her out! Get her out of here! How can you flaunt your cheap little one-night-stands in my face, especially at a time like this?

  • Bonnie: Mr. David, I have to see you again! I want to perform acts with you! Now!

    Mr. David: You know that's impossible.

    Bonnie: Oh, please, please! Oh, god! God damnit!

  • Lady Divine: And how about you, Mr. Angel? How about your being an accomplice and how about Sharon Tate? How about that?

    Mr. David: [putting his head in his hands] I told you to never mention that again!

  • Bonnie: No one has been near my private parts... except for this old lady I met on the bus.

    Mr. David: You've been lying all along.

    Bonnie: Oh, no, no I haven't Mr. David. It was just she was so old I felt bad for her. I only let her... well, you know. It was no big production or anything, it WAS on the bus and all.

  • Bonnie: Mr. David, am I better than Lady Divine?

    Mr. David: Different. Just completely different.

  • Mr. David: So you finally turned dyke, well, I'm not surprised!

    Lady Divine: DYKE? Look who's talking, all peroxided up!

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