Mr. Clarke Quotes in A Night to Remember (1958)


Mr. Clarke Quotes:

  • Mrs. Clarke: [after seeing Mrs. Straus decide to remain on the ship with her husband] She's right, you see. We'll stay together too.

    Mr. Clarke: But, she's old. You're young. Please darling; I can look after myself.

    Mrs. Clarke: We both can.

  • Andrews: They're clearing away two of the collapsible boats, if they succeed, I'm sure they'll be a place for you in one of them.

    Mr. Clarke: See, you can still go. Please darling.

    Mrs. Clarke: No. We've started out together and we'll finish together. Are you married Mr. Andrews?

    Andrews: Yes, and if my wife were here I'd think she would go.

    Mrs. Clarke: Do you have a family?

    Andrews: Yes.

    Mrs. Clarke: Then it would make a differance then wouldn't it?

    Andrews: Perhaps. Let my give you some advice, put your lifebelts on and lower yourself down using the ropes hanging over the side. Don't jump if you can avoid it. When you're in the water swim away from the ship at once, and be well clear of her when she sinks.

    Mr. Clarke: Thank you, we'll remember.

    Mr. Clarke: I wonder if he will save himself?

    Mrs. Clarke: We'll save ourselves.

  • Elizabeth Masterson: I'm completely capable of meeting men on my own.

    Abby Brody: I know, I'd just like you to meet one who isn't bleeding

    Elizabeth Masterson: I'll have you know that I have had two marriage proposals today

    Mr. Clarke: Marry me

    Elizabeth Masterson: Yes, of course Mr Clarke. Make that three!

  • Elizabeth Masterson: Can I do anything to make you comfortable?

    Mr. Clarke: Marry me?

    Elizabeth Masterson: [to an assistant] Decrease Mr. Clarke's morphine drip.

  • Mr. Clarke: [runs up to Elizabeth] Will you marry me doctor?

    Elizabeth Masterson: Of course, Mr. Clarke...

    [sees that he is naked]

    Elizabeth Masterson: ...but you might want to put on a robe first.

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