Mr. Blifil Quotes in Tom Jones (1963)


Mr. Blifil Quotes:

  • Lawyer Dowling: [At the cemetery: immediately after the burial of Bridget Blifil] Sir, sometime before your mother died, she gave me a letter. Her instructions were to hand it over to Mr. Allworthy as she was buried.

    Mr. Blifil: Hand it to me. I will give it to my uncle.

    Lawyer Dowling: She expressly said into no hands but Mr. Allworthy's.

    Mr. Blifil: Lawyer Dowling, if my uncle lives, he will need a new steward. I intend to recommend you.

    Lawyer Dowling: You are most kind, sir.

    [Hands the letter over to Blifil]

  • Tom Jones: [Mr. Allworthy's recovery means Mr. Thwackum and others will not be receiving their expected inheritance. Apropos of this, Tom drunkenly taunts Mr. Thwackum with a song] Sing, thick Thwackum, your bounty's flown.

    Mr. Thwackum: [Indignant] You have good reason for your drunkenness, you beggarly bastard. He provided well enough for you.

    Tom Jones: Do you think any such consideration could weigh with me? Damn you, Thwackum!

    Mr. Thwackum: How dare you, sir!

    Tom Jones: And damn me if I don't open another bottle.

    [Tom laughs mockingly at Mr. Thwackum]

    Tom Jones: I shall sing you a ballad which I have entitled "Sing, Thick Thwackum, Thy Bounty has Flown."

    Tom Jones: [Drunkenly proceeds to taunt Mr. Thwackum with a mocking song] Sing, Thick Thwackum, thy bounty has flown. You lost all the money you thought that you'd own.

    Mr. Blifil: [Angrily] Mr. Jones! This house is in mourning on account of the death of my dear mother.

    Tom Jones: Forgive me! The joy of Mr. Allworthy's recovery...

    Mr. Blifil: [Cutting him off] I had the misfortune to know who my parents were. Consequently, I'm grieved by their loss.

    Tom Jones: You rascal! You dare to insult me?

  • Mr. Square: [Tom's tutors are discussing his education] You have only taught Tom to laugh at whatever is decent, and virtuous and right.

    Mr. Thwackum: I've taught him religion.

    Mr. Square: Mr. Thwackum, the word "religion" is as vague and uncertain as any in the English language.

    Mr. Thwackum: When I mention religion I mean the Christian religion. Not only the Christian religion, but the Protestant religion, and not only the Protestant religion but the Church of England.

    Mr. Square: I fear that Tom is the embodiment of the old truth: that foundlings should be left to the parish.

    Mr. Blifil: My dear tutors, I'm afraid that neither of you can touch his bastard's heart.

    Narrator: Neither indeed. But there was another who could...

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