Mr. Anderson Quotes in Gremlins (1984)


Mr. Anderson Quotes:

  • Ruby Deagle: I want your dog.

    Billy Peltzer: Barney?

    Ruby Deagle: Give him to me. I'll take him to the kennel, they'll put him to sleep. It will be quick and painless compared to what I would do to him.

    Billy Peltzer: What could you do?

    Ruby Deagle: I'll catch the beast myself. He'll get what he deserves, a slow painful death.Maybe I'll put him in my spin-drier on high heat.

    Mr. Anderson: That would do it all right!

    [Barney then jumps from the bank counter and smashes Mrs Deagle's snowman head and starts barking at her]

  • Mr. Anderson: We had a college fund set aside for you! That's gone now! You had free room and board, two trusting parents and a social life. All gone! You had a TV, a stereo, baseball, tennis racket, a skateboard, a bicycle - All gone! you even had sunlight and a window in your room!

  • Mr. Anderson: You are damn lucky that your mother didn't go into labor tonight!

    Mrs. Anderson: Robert!

    Mr. Anderson: DAMN LUCKY!

    Mrs. Anderson: ROBERT! I AM in labor!

  • Mr. Anderson: Les. Can you tell me what size SHARK is responsible for this. No don't say anything, save it for the judge.

  • Mr. Anderson: I'm making some room for the old boat. Want to help, Dean?

    Dean: I'd love to, Mr. Anderson. But I just remembered.

    [Pretends to cough]

    Dean: I'm allergic to, uh...


    Dean: ...dust and cardboard boxes.

  • Mr. Anderson: The last thing he's gonna be worried about is his car,

    [opens the door to let grandpa in]

    Mr. Anderson: Hi Dad.

    Grandpa Anderson: Where's my Caddy?

    Mr. Anderson: [grabs Les and puts him in front of him frightly] LES DID IT!

  • Les: Hey dad, did you take a look at that brochure I gave you?

    Mr. Anderson: Yeah.

    Les: And what did you think?

    Mr. Anderson: A 23,000 dollar BMW for a kid who hasn't had a job in his life... I think it's a great idea!

  • Mr. Anderson: Kimberly Joyce, you have the face of an angel. Throw in a ripe, little pubescent body - the devil wears a gray skirt, my friend.

  • [from trailer]

    Randa: Then he said, "Now I'm going to touch you on your boobs".

    Mr. Anderson: I would never say "boobs", I'm an English teacher! Breasts... I would say breasts.

  • Gail: [in a schoolgirl outfit] It reminds me of the skirts that the girls wear at your school.

    Mr. Anderson: Really? Huh...

    Gail: [taking off the jacket] I'm a little schoolgirl. I don't want Mr. Anderson to spank me!

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