Mother Nature Quotes in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)


Mother Nature Quotes:

  • Mother Nature: Jack Frost, You are hereby charged with 273 counts of attempted upstaging of Santa Claus. You froze a volcano in Hawaii. You made it snow in the Amazon. And you frosted Mexico, sending all of the geese north for the winter. You have violated the Legendary Figures Code of Conduct in a manner that is both willful and malicious.

    Jack Frost: Excuse me... Did you just accuse me of being skillful and delicious.

    Scott Calvin: Oh, please.

    Jack Frost: Guilty as charged.

  • Mother Nature: [to Jack Frost] You made it snow in Mexico sending all the birds north for the winter.

    Easter Bunny: And you kill fruit.

  • Sandman: [snoring]

    Mother Nature: Sandman!

    [slams fist on table]

    Sandman: [wakes up suddenly] I'm up. I'm up.

  • Mother Nature: Just as love can bring the greatest joy, it can also bring the greatest sorrow. But then, it is love that makes people the most special of all my creatures.

  • Rosie: So that's how it ends? The most powerful male gets the most babelicious female?

    Mother Nature: That's right.

    Rosie: Well, what if there's a really cute male antelope, or a female that shows signs of leadership?

    Mother Nature: Useless.

    Rosie: Why?

    Mother Nature: Look, there's an order to this mating business.

    Rosie: Why can't we change things?

    Mother Nature: Haven't you self-centered, pec-loading assholes changed enough? It's not natural!

    Rosie: What's so great about natural?

    Mother Nature: What?

    Rosie: Think about it. Tobacco is natural, Prozac's unnatural. Earthquakes are natural, television's unnatural. Natural sucks!

  • [last lines]

    Mother Nature: This is good. Now you can settle down and act your age.

    Rosie: What's that supposed to mean? Easy listening and orthopedic shoes?

    Mother Nature: That sounds about right, yeah.

    Rosie: No, I don't wanna do that. I wanna stay passionate. I-I wanna scream at rock concerts, and-and get angry at the news. And - I wanna wear miniskirts!

    Mother Nature: You're gonna look ridiculous!

    Rosie: Yeah, well, when enough people are ridiculous, it starts to look normal.

  • [first lines]

    Mother Nature: [sigh] Pretty impressive, huh? People tend to think of me as that, uh, environmental nut. But whenever I get down to work they say, 'Mother Nature, you're such a destructive bitch'.

  • Mother Nature: Don't mess with me, Santa. I'm pre-El Nino.

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