Morris Brummel Quotes in No Way to Treat a Lady (1968)


Morris Brummel Quotes:

  • Morris Brummel: You look... you look very pretty.

    Kate Palmer: I took two hours getting ready for this.

    Morris Brummel: It looks... it looks natural!

    Kate Palmer: That's why it took two hours! Getting dolled up is easy. Looking natural takes time.

  • Mrs. Brummel: So, what do you, what do you do with her, go to mass?

    Morris Brummel: No, we just... we walk and we talk.

    Mrs. Brummel: Oh, please, please. I don't want to hear another word. Already I won't sleep another wink tonight. Please, don't say another word.


    Mrs. Brummel: Morris...

    Morris Brummel: I thought you didn't want to hear any more?

    Mrs. Brummel: Aw, you think I want to? You think I want... I'm in agony. I... I... It's my duty. Go on, go on.

    Morris Brummel: Well, she... her, her name is Katherine. Katherine. Katherine Palmer.

    Mrs. Brummel: Short, blonde, beautiful?

    Morris Brummel: No, she's, er, she's, she's tall and er, she's only got one eye right in the middle of her forehead.

    Mrs. Brummel: Of course. Of course. She'll break your heart!

  • [Preparing to meet Morris' mother]

    Kate Palmer: Do you love me?

    Morris Brummel: Yes!

    Kate Palmer: Desperately, madly?

    Morris Brummel: Desperately, madly!

    Kate Palmer: In that case, I can move mountains. Let's go.

  • Mrs. Brummel: That girl is a gem! An absolute gem! And I'll tell you something else...

    Morris Brummel: What?

    Mrs. Brummel: She reminds me of me!

  • Mrs. Brummel: So where you going to take her?

    Morris Brummel: Who?

    Mrs. Brummel: Kate Palmer.

    Morris Brummel: Nowhere.

    Mrs. Brummel: Nowhere? That's a place, nowhere?

    Morris Brummel: We're going to have dinner at her place.

    Mrs. Brummel: You mean her own apartment?

    Morris Brummel: That's right.

    Mrs. Brummel: The two of you, alone?

    Morris Brummel: Well, we were going to invite the strangler, but he couldn't make it.

    Mrs. Brummel: Oh, sure, sure. Make fun. Ridicule.

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