Morgana Quotes in The Vikings (1958)


Morgana Quotes:

  • Morgana: I will not lift one finger to resist you.

  • Morgana: I don't need traitors to plead my cause.

  • Morgana: This bodice is too tight, I'll have to stop.

    Eric: What's a bodice?

  • Eric: Still afraid?

    Morgana: No. I'm worth much more alive than dead. Are you?

  • Morgana: Do you know which of the oceans is the widest?

    Eric: The Poisoned Sea.

    Morgana: No. The ocean between a Christian and a heathen.

    Eric: [takes her hand] Our hands can reach across it as easily as that.

  • Morgana: If you touch me. I'll kill myself.

    Einar: There's a sword to do it with. Because I'm going to touch you. Come on! Kick! Bite! Scratch! Come on!

    Morgana: I will not lift one finger to resist you.

  • Morgana: [Begging Aella for Erik's life] I will keep my pledge to you... don't kill him.

    Aella: In that case, nothing could distress me more than for you to think me cruel.

    Morgana: Then let him go.

  • Morgana: Your eyes never leave me, Merlin.

    Merlin: Can't I acknowledge beauty?

    Morgana: Can't you acknowledge... love? Perhaps you ache for what you've never known.

    Merlin: Perhaps you lust for what you cannot have.

  • [Morgana disguised as Guinevere has seduced Arthur]

    Morgana: [disguised as Guinevere] I have conceived a son; my king

    [revealing herself as Morgana]

    Morgana: my brother!

  • Mordred: Any message for your dear brother, my father?

    Morgana: You are my message.

  • Morgana: You know, whenever I see you, I get the feeling that Barbicane is up to no good.

  • Filo: Oh, we can do this, Miss.

    Morgana: Thank you for that vote of confidence, Filo.

    Filo: You're welcome, Miss.

    [Morgana gives him a look]

    Filo: Oh, sorry Miss.

    Sly: He's right, Miss. We can do this, me and Filo. We've done banks. You know we're good at banks.

    Morgana: Everyone's good at something. Even you two. Besides, this isn't a bank - it's a museum.

    Sly: [disappointed] Oh... I like banks.

  • Morgana: Oh, Stop!

    Morgana: I don't need bickering familiars right now!

    Morgana: I'm taking a shower - and, when I've done that, I'm going to conquer the world.

  • Zoltan: [stabbing a knife into a watermelon] The knife in the back.

    [Grabs a mallet]

    Zoltan: The sound of the human head smashing.

    [Smashes the watermelon and pauses]

    Zoltan: Hmmm... something is not quite right.

    Morgana: Try honeydew.

    Zoltan: Good idea!

  • Morgana: [Entering men's Bathroom] Coming in! Shake a leg and zip 'em up!

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