Mookie Quotes in Do the Right Thing (1989)


Mookie Quotes:

  • Da Mayor: Doctor...

    Mookie: C'mon, what. What?

    Da Mayor: Always do the right thing.

    Mookie: That's it?

    Da Mayor: That's it.

    Mookie: I got it, I'm gone.

  • Mookie: Dago, wop, guinea, garlic-breath, pizza-slingin', spaghetti-bendin', Vic Damone, Perry Como, Luciano Pavarotti, Sole Mio, nonsingin' motherfucker.

    Pino: You gold-teeth-gold-chain-wearin', fried-chicken-and-biscuit-eatin', monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh, fast-runnin', high-jumpin', spear-chuckin', three-hundred-sixty-degree-basketball-dunkin' titsun spade Moulan Yan. Take your fuckin' pizza-pizza and go the fuck back to Africa.

    Stevie: You little slanty-eyed, me-no-speaky-American, own-every-fruit-and-vegetable-stand-in-New-York, bullshit, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Summer Olympics '88, Korean kick-boxing son of a bitch.

    Officer Long: You Goya bean-eating, fifteen in a car, thirty in an apartment, pointed shoes, red-wearing, Menudo, mire-mire Puerto Rican cocksucker. Yeah, you!

    Sonny: It's cheap, I got a good price for you, Mayor Koch, "How I'm doing," chocolate-egg-cream-drinking, bagel-and-lox, B'nai B'rith Jew asshole.

    Mister Senor Love Daddy: Yo! Hold up! Time out! TIME OUT! Y'all take a chill! Ya need to cool that shit out! And that's the double truth, Ruth!

  • Buggin' Out: Yo, Mookie.

    Mookie: What?

    Buggin' Out: Stay Black.

  • Buggin' Out: You the man.

    Mookie: No you the man.

    Buggin' Out: You the man.

    Mookie: No you the man.

    Buggin' Out: No. I'm just a struggling Black man trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel and harsh world.

  • Mookie: Pino, fuck you, fuck your fuckin' pizza, and fuck Frank Sinatra.

    Pino: Yeah? Well fuck you, too, and fuck Michael Jackson.

  • Sal: What'd I tell you about that noise?

    Buggin' Out: What'd I tell you about them pictures?

    Sal: What the fuck, are you deaf?

    Buggin' Out: No! Are you? Fuck you! We want some black people on that motherfucking Wall of Fame now!

    Mookie: We're trying to go fucking home! We've been here all fucking day, Buggin Out!

    Sal: Turn that jungle music off! We ain't in Africa!

    Buggin' Out: Why it got to be about jungle music? Why it got to be about Africa? It's about them fucking pictures!

    Sal: It's about turning that shit off and getting the fuck out of my place!

    Pino: Radio Raheem!

    Radio Raheem: Fuck you!

    Sal: And fuck you, too!

    Punchy: Kick some ass, Sal! Get in there, Pino!

    Radio Raheem: This is music. My music!

    Sal: Fuck your music!

    Radio Raheem: Well, turn it off, then.

    Vito: Hey, man, get the fuck out of here! We're fucking closed!

    Buggin' Out: Fuck you! We're closing you guinea bastards for good! For good, motherfucker! Until you get some black people on that motherfucking Wall of Fame!

    Sal: You're gonna fucking close me?

    [Sal grabs his bat]

    Buggin' Out: You're goddamn right!

    Sal: You black cocksucker! I'll fucking tear your fucking nigger ass!

    Punchy: Oh, we're niggers now? We niggers now!

    Buggin' Out: You fucking white trash! I'll fuck you up!

    Mookie: Sal, put the fucking bat down!

    Buggin' Out: Come on, man, you fucking guinea trash! Jump over the motherfucking counter!

    Sal: You black cocksucker! You nigger motherfucker!

    [Sal smashes Radio Raheem's radio several times]

  • Mookie: Pino, who's your favorite basketball player?

    Pino: Magic Johnson.

    Mookie: And who's your favorite movie star?

    Pino: Eddie Murphy.

    Mookie: And who's your favorite rock star?

    [Pino doesn't respond]

    Mookie: Prince. You're a Prince freak.

    Pino: Boss. Bruce.

    Mookie: Prince.

    Pino: Bruce!

    Mookie: Pino, all you ever talk about is nigger this and nigger that, and all your favorite people are so-called niggers.

    Pino: It's different. Magic, Eddie, Prince... are not niggers. I mean, they're not black, I mean - Let me explain myself. They're - They're not really black. I mean, they're black, but they're not really black. They're more than black. It's different.

    Mookie: It's different?

    Pino: Yeah. To me, it's different.

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