Moocher Quotes in Breaking Away (1979)


Moocher Quotes:

  • Dave: Moocher, you're Catholic, right?

    Moocher: Yeah.

    Dave: Did you ever go to confession?

    Moocher: Twice.

    Dave: Did it make you feel better?

    Moocher: Once.

  • [as they go for a marriage license:]

    Moocher: I wonder if I have to have a job to qualify.

    Nancy: I don't think so. I think it's mostly blood and relatives that they're interested in.

    Moocher: Blood and relatives... well, that's great. I got both of them.

  • Moocher: [looking at Dave's beat up bike] Doesn't look that bad to me...

    Dave: That's cause you don't have to ride it!

    Moocher: Well, you know, you don't have to ride it either, Dave. We're not gonna beg you.

    Cyril: We may plead, but we would never beg!

  • Moocher: [watching the college kids on campus] Sure looks like they've got it made.

    Mike: That's because they're rich.

    Dave: Italians are poor, but they're happy.

    Mike: Yeah? Maybe in Italy.

  • Dave: You hear from your folks, Mooch?

    Moocher: Yeah, my dad called. He wanted to know if the house was sold. He could use the money something fierce.

    Dave: Well, you can come and live with me when it's sold. In Italy, everybody lives together.

    Moocher: [laughs] Since you won that Italian bike, man, you've been acting weird. You're really getting to think you're Italian, aren't you?

    Cyril: I wouldn't mind thinking I was somebody myself.

  • Moocher: Hey, come on in, Dave.

    Dave: Nah, I read where this Italian coach said its no good to go swimmin' right after a race.

    Mike: Who's swimmin'? I'm takin' a leak.

  • Dad: If you eat so much, Moocher, how come you're so damned small?

    Moocher: Oh... It's my metabolism. I eat 3 times a day and my metabolism eats 5 times a day.

  • Dave: You mean we might be a father?

    Dad: No. I might be a father. And your mom might be a mother. And YOU might be a brother. See, that way I keep it all in the family.

    Moocher: Wow! Hey, I didn't think people your age...

    Dad: The next word may be your last, kid!

  • Nancy: You know what?

    Moocher: No, what?

    Nancy: I'm leaving home, that's what.

    Moocher: What? Where are you going?

    Nancy: About 5 blocks south.

    Moocher: [laughs] Yeah?

    Nancy: I found this little place, it's so cute I could scream.

  • Moocher: Mike, the time comes when we just all have to go our own ways, you know.

    Mike: Oh, you're a real adult, aren't ya. B-town boy grows up.

  • Owner of Car Wash: [in a cranky tone of voice] You're a little late - but I guess you won't let *that* happen again.

    Moocher: [meekly] Sorry.

    Owner of Car Wash: Here's your sponge and here's your rag and there's your place...

    Owner of Car Wash: [sarcastically] ... and don't forget to punch the clock, "Shorty."

    Moocher: [Moocher goes over and punches and breaks the time clock with his fist, then walks off the job]

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