Monster Quotes in Sabotage (2014)


Monster Quotes:

  • Monster: Breach, that's not them.

    Sugar: It's not the Kaibeles?

    Lizzy: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

    Sugar: You mean we killed six motherfuckers, and it ain't them?

    Breacher: Well, check again.

    Monster: Okay.

    [turns around for a second, leaning down and pretending to check one of the bodies before turning back]

    Monster: No, still not them!

  • Breacher: [from trailer] Don't blow your balls off.

    Monster: Don't worry, they're made of brass.

    Breacher: Are they as big as your wife's?

  • Monster: We're not a team anymore. Just a gang.

  • Monster: I came here to help you...

    Caroline: No, you didn't.

    Monster: help you understand.

    Caroline: You came here 'cause you think you're gonna be next. You came here to steer me, okay? If you wanna help me, if you don't wanna get nailed to the ceiling or run over by a train, you need to break free from your buddies and tell me something I don't know about John Wharton. 'Cause I can't read him. Tell me something I don't know.

    Monster: [pauses] Two years ago, we arrested Edgar Rios in Juarez.

    [a flashback of the team doing the operation runs simultanously with Monster's story]

    Monster: He was an old school drug lord. Ran all their operations. It was a big deal. We handed him over to the Mexicans, when some brod pulls her shit and dons him. The cartel didn't want him debriefed by our intel people. Problem solved. But they had a bigger problem. They wanted the man who could get the man that nobody can get. John gets a call from the bad guys. They snatched his wife and kid right at his house. They were holding them in Juarez. They make him an offer: Surrender yourself to the cartel, and your family lives. John's family is everything. John was married forever. His son, Jacob, was his best friend.

    Jacob Wharton: [in the flashback, while getting car keys from his father] Love you, Dad.

    Monster: [narrating] They tortured Karen and Jacob to death. There's a video. Evil shit.

    Karen Wharton: [in the flashback] No! No! No...!

    Monster: [narrating] They mailed the pieces of them to his home for weeks. So John went down there. Alone. Hunting the man who killed his wife.

    Grinder: [in the flashback] John, we're coming in.

    Monster: [narrating] He didn't find him.

    Grinder: [in the flashback] We're here to bring you back home. This isn't gonna bring them back. Come on, let's go home.

    Monster: [narrating] John is obsessed with finding his wife's killer. It's like a cancer in his soul.

    [the flashback ends]

    Monster: Caroline... we lost John when they died.

  • [Sully goes looking for Boo; Mike tries to talk him out of it]

    Mike: Someone else will find the kid. I'll be their problem, not ours. She's out of our hair!

    [they bump into an Invisible Randall]

    Randall: [Turning Visible again] What are you two doing?

    Monster: They're rehearsing a play.

    Mike: [singing] She's out of our hair...!

  • monster: Trick or treat, smell my feet!

  • Monster: You little bitch! I'll get you in the sequel for this!

  • Space Vixen: My Creation? My Creation!

    Monster: Meurgh!

  • Monster: Don't you talk about my mama.

    Hadji: I'll talk about your mama all I want.

    Monster: Hell, no! Yo mama so fat, she got every caterer on speed dial!

    Mocha: Ooh!

    Hadji: What? Uh-uh uh-uh. Yo mama so fat, she uses Mexico, the whole country, as her tanning bed.

    Monster: Yo mama so ugly, Jose Eber won't even do her hair!

    Mocha: Ooh!

    Hadji: Yeah? Yo mama so ugly, she's only been married once.

    Mocha: Whoo, haha.

    Monster: Yo mama so poor, on Hallowe'en, her trick was the treat!

    Hadji: Yo mama so poor, that your tits are real!

    Mocha: Oh no!

  • Monster: [holding Dale in his grip] I just want to...

    [peels her top off]

    Monster: ... look at your tits.

  • Monster: This is the Tower Of Murder, and it's where I hang out.

  • Monster: Nobody burns my ass and gets away with it, Gordon.

  • Monster: [after being shot in the bum by Flesh Gordon] Ooh, the pain! The humiliation! The hemorrhoids!

  • Monster: [holding Dale Ardor in his paw] Wonder what you'd look like, in black panties?

  • Doughboy: Yeah, I heard you been gettin' that dope-head pussy. See, me, I probably get more pussy than you get air with yo' wannabe macdaddy ass.

    Dooky: You don't know what I be getting. I don't be fucking no dopeheads. I let them suck my dick. Shit, they got AIDS and shit.

    Monster: Stupid motherfucker, don't you know you can catch that shit from letting them suck on your dick?

    Doughboy: Thank you.

    Dooky: See. I ain't sick. I ain't all skinny and shit.

    Chris: Nigga, what you mean you ain't skinny. Motherfucker so skinny, he can hula hoop through a Cheerio. And you ain't got to be skinny or sick, you can die five years from now from that shit.

    Dooky: Y'all just trying to scare me... for real, can you really die from lettin em suck on yo dick?

    Doughboy: Mark.

  • Tre Styles: I get a discount on clothes, and shit. You like?

    Doughboy: Nigga, you look like you selling rocks!

    Chris: Yo, Tre' you be slinging that shit?

    Tre Styles: No, I don't sell that shit!

    Doughboy: You couldn't anyway! Pops will kick yo' ass! You know I'm out the pen. I'm gon' keep my ass out this time.

    Tre Styles: That's what we're here to celebrate, right? Damn, brother how did you get so big?

    Doughboy: Pumping iron, and eating. Ain't nothing else to do in the motherfucking pen. Three hots, and a cot, know what I'm saying? I was also reading, and writing my girl.

    Monster: You read?

    Doughboy: Yeah nigga, I ain't no criminal! I can read, bitch!

  • Chris: I tell y'all where y'all need to go, where they got more women than anywhere. Violence too.

    Monster: Crenshaw Sunday Nights?

    Chris: no.

    Doughboy: Street races on Florence?

    Chris: Nah, nigga, y'all way off!

    Chris: I give y'all a hint: Everybody's been there

    Monster: where?

    Doughboy: Where nigga, spit it out!

    Chris: The Church.

    Doughboy: Aw Shit! Nigga please! Ain't nobody going to church to catch no bitches. I should roll your ass up off this porch with that stupid shit!

  • Chris: I tell you where y'all need to go, where they got more women than anywhere, fine ones too.

    Monster: Crenshaw on Sunday Nights?

    Chris: Nope.

    Doughboy: Street races on Flourence?

    Chris: Nah, nigga, y'all way off!

    Chris: I give y'all a hint: Everybody's been there.

    Dooky: where?

    Doughboy: Where nigga, spit it out!

    Chris: Church.

    Doughboy: ain't nobody going to church to catch no bitches. I should roll your ass up off this porch with that stupid shit!

  • Monster: Creator, I am alive!

  • Monster: Creator, what is my name?

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