Momo Quotes in Persepolis (2007)


Momo Quotes:

  • Momo: Life is a void. When man realizes that he can no longer live, so he invents power games...

    Marjane as a teenager: Bullshit! Life isn't absurd! Some people give their lives for freedom. You think my uncle died for fun? Egotistical prick.

  • Verena Von Stefan: Right. Just imagine, we'll have to wash our hair every night. We'll have to sleep on rollers til our scalps bleed. Then we'll have to get up at six every morning for the comb out. Your lungs will be lined with hairspray. Then you need all this equipment to push up the tits and blitz the zits and spray the pits! Then you stagger into class and you look perfect but you're exhausted, you're too tired to even think but that's okay the teachers they won't call on you anyway, also you don't want to be smarter than the boys. They don't like that, so to wake yourself up you drink some coffee at lunch but don't eat the food. You'll be on a permanent diet!

    Tweety: I'm not going to change the way I am just because boys are around.

    Verena Von Stefan: Come off it Tweety. I've seen you at school dances it's like the three faces of Eve. You turn into this simpering wretch and the whole next week we have to put up with your suicide attempts because your date didn't like you!

    Tweety: Verena!

    Momo: Now you've done it. That was really uncalled for vagina.

    Tinka Parker: Look Von Stefan, I know you like this place the way it is but wake up it's not real life, real life is boy girl boy girl.

    Verena Von Stefan: No! Real life is boy *on top* of girl!

    Momo: Would you two stop it.

    Verena Von Stefan: You should know that.

    Odette: Look, it looks like this is going to happen whether we like it or not so we're just gonna have to adjust.

    Tinka Parker: Yes, we'll just have to adjust.

    Verena Von Stefan: Where would we be today if President Kennedy had said 'Oh well, looks like we'll just have to adjust to living in the shadow of nuclear warheads on Cuba'.

    Momo: There ya go.

    Odette: They're just boys Verena, not communists.

    Verena Von Stefan: I'm not gonna live in the shadow of the Hairy Bird!

    Tinka Parker: Well that's your prob. You're afraid of boys!

    Verena Von Stefan: You'd be scared too except you've got nothing left to lose Miss Tinka!

    Momo: Order! Order!

    Tinka Parker: Prude!

    Verena Von Stefan: Tramp!

    Tweety: Truce you guys! Quiet. Come on, have some ravioli.

  • Tweety: Verena's gone, St. Ambrose is taking over, and next year I'm going to have to face Todd Winslow every day at breakfast. I WANT TO RETCH AND DIE.

    Momo: They're going to pull down our grades.

    Tinka Parker: They're going to pull down more than that.

  • Odette: [about the school's co-ed merger] Verena, it looks like this thing is going to happen whether we want it to or not so we're just going to have to adjust.

    Verena Von Stefan: Adjust? Where would we be today if President Kennedy had said "Oh well, we'll just have to ADJUST to living in the shadow of nuclear warheads on Cuba?"

    Momo: There ya go.

    Odette: They're just boys, Verena, not communists.

  • Tinka Parker: Are you carrying Dennis' child?

    Verena Von Stefan: You can tell Tinka, she's had four pregnancy scares.

    Tinka Parker: Four.

    Tweety: Was it beautiful, when he spent himself inside you?

    Odette: Do you actually expect me to answer these questions?

    Momo: But we're curious. We all have our hymens except Tinka.

    Verena Von Stefan: That's enough, clearly she doesn't want to describe it. It's like hog wrestling isn't that right Odes?

    Tinka Parker: I don't even think she's done with Dennis yet.

  • Momo: That was really uncalled for, *Vagina*.

  • Momo: What you afraid of, stick around, man, maybe you'll get laid.

    Benzi: Not with freaks like that.

    Momo: Their not so bad.

    Benzi: You mean you could screw those two over there?

    Momo: If Huey can do it, I bet you can too.

    Benzi: Oh bullshit, Huey doesn't even know what screwing's all about.

  • Nili: [about Benji and Martha] I'd like to see them hit it off, huh.

    Momo: Have we done that?

    Nili: What?

    Momo: Hit it off.

  • Yudale: Bobby, are you positive water will drown these crabs?

    Momo: Positive.

    Yudale: I thought animals liked water.

    Momo: Not fleas or lice.

  • Momo: [about Nicki] Why I copped her cherry.

    Benzi: What?

    Momo: I screwed her, didn't I.

    Benzi: Your lying!

    Momo: I took her in a boat, honest I did, and I fucked her, alright.

  • Momo: [about Nicki] I may have screwed her, who says I was the only one.

  • Momo: Arab means open from 8 til midnight, even Sunday.

  • Momo: Do you think I'm good-looking?

    Monsieur Ibrahim: [chuckles] You're very good-looking.

    Momo: Will I be good-looking enough to attract girls without paying?

    Monsieur Ibrahim: In a few years, they'll pay for you.

    Momo: It's not great for now.

    Monsieur Ibrahim: Of course not. See how you go about it? You stare as if to say, "See how good-looking I am." And so they just laugh. You have to look at them as if to say, "I've never seen such beauty before."

  • Momo: [reading Ibrahim's will] This is my will and testament. I, Ibrahim Demirdji, hereby leave all my goods to Moses Schmitt, my son Momo because he chose me as his father and because I've given him everything I've learned in this life. Now you too will know what's in my Koran, Momo. It's all there is to know.

  • Momo: You're circumcised too?

  • Momo: When are you going to adopt me?

    Monsieur Ibrahim: Tomorrow if you like.

  • Momo: My old man used to say: "when you hear someone at your door, think it might be an assassin, this way, if it's a thief, you'll be glad!"

  • Momo: All I'm trying to say is: instead of eyeing the dolls... look at the road ahead. Some day, you'll be out of luck. You'll run over some poor slob!

  • Momo: Once, when all my shorts were at the laundry, I put on silk panties that belonged to my sister. Ah! Some funny sensation it gave me! From that day on I understood why they all crave it, why they never have enough. Because we men, we have pants on. But girls, with their short dresses, it's skin rubbing on skin all day long!

  • Momo: Fido! It sounds like a dog's name!

    Fido Saroyan: Fido means "faithful".

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