Molly Stewart/Angel Quotes in Angel (1984)


Molly Stewart/Angel Quotes:

  • Vice cop: Well sweet thang, what's your name?

    Molly Stewart/Angel: Angel.

    Vice cop: Well Angel, I thought you and me could have us a little party.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: [laughs] I bet you would. Look buddy, I'm underage. Or are you one of those perverts who gets off on little girls?

  • Lana: I don't know about you girls but I wanna get the hell out of this town. Somewhere there's clean air where you can breathe. I don't know, maybe Tahiti?

    Molly Stewart/Angel: Tahiti? Why Tahiti?

    Mae: Because the men use their dicks for oars.

  • Molly Stewart/Angel: How much do you want to spend?

    Driver: About twenty bucks.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: [laughs] You have a good night.

    Driver: Hey! All's I wanted to do was borrow it, not buy it!

  • Mae: Sweetheart, I thought they busted you.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: I had porky made out the minute I got in the car.

  • Mae: It's lean out there tonight.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: It's the murders Mae. It's got the Johns scared.

    Crystal: Why should the Johns be scared? It's the hookers that are getting killed.

    Mae: Ever see a man try to run away with his pants wrapped around his ankles?

  • Molly Stewart/Angel: Do you have any idea what they do to unclaimed bodies?

    Kit Carson: No, I don't reckon I do.

    Molly Stewart/Angel: Oh, well... I don't know either but whatever it is, it can't be good.

    Mae: Well, we better get over there before she ends up in the tomb for the unknown hooker.

  • Lt. Andrews: You've been on the streets since you were twelve?

    Molly Stewart/Angel: It was easy. I just put on some sexy clothes and high heels and I went out and made a living.

    Lt. Andrews: Jesus Christ!

  • Molly Stewart/Angel: [after seeing Ric wet himself] Look me up again Ric... when your toilet trained.

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