Mob Member Quotes in Postal (2007)


Mob Member Quotes:

  • Officer Greg: Citizens of this great nation... town. Watch out for this psychopathic deranged killer also known as...

    Officier John: [whispers to Greg] Postal Dude.

    Officer Greg: Postal Dude.

    [mutters to John]

    Officer Greg: Is that the best you could come up with?

    [to crowd]

    Officer Greg: Postal Dude! He's wanted for kidnapping, a shootout at the social welfare office, the assassination of Candidate Wells...

    Officier John: [whispers to Greg] And the killing of a Chinese woman.

    Officer Greg: And he killed a poor, innocent, old Chinese lady. If you have seen him...

    Dude: Ever had one of those days?

    Mob Member: No.

    [looks at the Postal Dude]

    Mob Member: Hey! Hey! It's the Postal Dude!

    Dude: Get away!

    [runs away]

    Mob Member: [to the Mob] After him!

    Officer Greg: [looks at the Postal Dude's picture were he got long hair] No, that's not him. Do you see his hair at the sides? This guy looks like Jesus.

  • Sgt. Sisk: Ladies and gentlemen, our suspect is not human. He is at home in the bush. Shoot to kill. Any questions?

    Mob Member: Oh, yeah, yeah, I got a question there. When do we get to light our torches?

    Sgt. Sisk: When it gets dark.

    Mob Member: Ah, I see. Oh, hey, I got another question there. Suppose, hypothetically, you know, a guy had already lit his torch. I mean, it'd be cool if he could just keep it lit, huh?

    Sgt. Sisk: Yes.

    Mob Member: Oh, excellent. Excellent.

    Sgt. Sisk: Now, if there are no more questions...

    Mob Member: Oh, hey, hey, hey, I got another question. Hey, uh, if one part of the mob gets separated from another part of the mob, shouldn't there be a place that we can get together? Maybe a secret place the two mobs could reunite, and we'd be a big mob again.

    Sgt. Sisk: Stay with the mob.

    Mob Member: Stay with the mob. All right.

    Sgt. Sisk: Right.

    Mob Member: Hey, hey, hey, I got another question. Hey, uh, doesn't this guy deserve a fair trial?

    Sgt. Sisk: You - back of the mob!

    Mob Member: "Back of the mob"? What? This is my spot! I came early!

    Sgt. Sisk: Okay, *out* of the mob!

    Mob Member: Ah, this mob blows.

  • Mob Member: I don't want to be part of a mob to kill a black dude

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