MJ Quotes in Free Ride (2013)


MJ Quotes:

  • [Christina picks her kids up from school to drive them to Florida]

    Christina: Come on, get in. I'm going to need a co-pilot.

    [Christina holds the maps up to her oldest daughter MJ]

    Christina: I'll be damned if I'm going to take any lame asses across state line. We either do this together or not at all.

    Shell: I'm not a lame ass.

    MJ: Why are we going to Florida?

    Christina: [Christina takes off her sunglasses and shows MJ the bruises her boyfriend gave her] I called Sandy. She said she could get me a job. It's as simple as that.

    MJ: Does Grandma know?

    Christina: I'll tell her when we get there. I need to get down there and make some money first. I'm not going to sit here and listen to her tell me what a fucking loser I am for having to move us back in her house. You're either in or you're out.

    [MJ takes the maps]

    Christina: Travellin' '77 south.

    -- MJ
  • [Christina and her daughters lay together for bed in the back seat of the car while on their way to Florida]

    Christina: Lock your doors. We wouldn't want some trucker crawling in here looking for a warm bed full of ladies.

    MJ: Yeah, sure you wouldn't.

    Shell: Good night, John-Boy.

    Christina: It's not going to be forever.

    MJ: What if it sucks?

    Christina: Then we go back to Grandma's.

    Shell: Is it just going to be the three of us?

    Christina: Just the three of us.

    MJ: Do you promise?

    Christina: Yeah, I promise.

    Shell: Good night, John-Boy.

    MJ: Good night, Elizabeth.

    Christina: Good night, Mary Ellen.

    -- MJ
  • [MJ and Shell walk back to their motel room from the store]

    MJ: Where did you get that?

    Shell: What?

    MJ: That gum in your mouth.

    Shell: Um... Back there.

    MJ: Back where?

    Shell: In the store.

    MJ: We didn't buy any gum, Shell.

    Shell: Well, I couldn't hold it, so I put it in my pocket and I forgot it was there.

    MJ: Spit it out.

    [MJ holds her hand out]

    MJ: Spit it out.

    [Shell spits the gum into MJ's hand]

    MJ: Okay, we're going to go back, and you're going to tell the story lady you stole it. She'll probably make you give something back.

    Shell: Why?

    MJ: We're not trash, Shell. We don't steal.

    Shell: I didn't mean to.

    MJ: Okay, but you did. Come on.

    Shell: This sucks.

    MJ: Sorry, bud.

    -- MJ
  • [MJ and Shell lay together on the back of the horse while looking up at the stars]

    Shell: Why do some look bigger than others?

    MJ: I don't know.

    Shell: Why are some brighter?

    MJ: Maybe they were born that way.

    Shell: Why?

    MJ: God wanted it that way, I guess.

    Shell: I don't think so. I think they were all born bright, and then after a while, all the stuff around them, dust and stuff, covered them up. So you just can't see them. But they're still bright underneath. It's still there if you look closely.

    MJ: That's why you're going to be the doctor and I'm going to ride horses.

    -- MJ
  • Tom: Come here! What did you do with Sue?

    MJ: I didn't touch her, I swear!

    Tom: I don't believe you!

    MJ: Please, for God's sake! She's a girl!

    -- MJ

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