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Miss Jane Marple Quotes:

  • [the judge has just declared a retrial because the jury cannot agree on a unanimous verdict - it is Miss Marple whose verdict differs from all the other jurors]

    Inspector Craddock: [sighing] If ever there was an open-and-shut case, this was it. One member of that jury was being deliberately perverse.

    [Miss Marple walks up]

    Miss Jane Marple: Many more than one, Inspector, I assure you. Eleven, to be precise.

    Police Constable Wells: That woman has made a mockery of my one and only murder.

  • H. Driffold Cosgood: [to Miss Marple] I'll fetch the scripts right away.

    [to Ralph]

    H. Driffold Cosgood: Ralph, call the theater. Tell them we're rehearsing on stage for a week...

    Miss Jane Marple: Mr. Cosgood, I wouldn't think I was anyone's idea of a detective.

    H. Driffold Cosgood: Not anyone's, dear Miss Marple, but you're mine. You're certainly mine.

    Ralph Summers: ...and mine!

  • Miss Jane Marple: [to Craddock] It may irritate you, Inspector, but sometimes women have superior minds. You'll simply have to accept it.

  • [last lines]

    Miss Jane Marple: Mr. Cosgood, whatever I may or may not be, I am definitely no angel... Good-bye! Good luck!

  • Miss Jane Marple: He isn't drunk. He's dead.

  • Miss Jane Marple: [in riding habit] Oh, Miss Milchrest, good morning. How nice to see you again.

    Miss Milchrest: [apparently frightened] Good morning.

    Miss Jane Marple: Don't look so frightened, my dear. I've done my quota of murders for today.

  • Miss Jane Marple: [attempting to console her dance partner, who is dismayed that the orchestra has chosen to play a rock song] One must be tolerant of the young, Mr. Enderby. I remember my dear mama was quite horrified when she caught me dancing the Charleston in public.

  • Hector Enderby: [the Inspector trips over a saddle on the floor of the foyer] Do you see that?

    Inspector Craddock: Can't really miss it, can you?

    Hector Enderby: It's a Broadbeech side saddle. Broadbeech, Northampton. Vintage too. Well, have a look. Have a look at the date, behind the stirrup iron.

    Inspector Craddock: It says, er...

    Hector Enderby: No don't tell me, I'll tell you. 1882. No, I'm lying to you. 1885.

    Inspector Craddock: Right.

    Hector Enderby: I can tell you who it belongs to, too. I've only glimpsed one of these once in the whole country. Lady Kirk-Brackwell.

    Inspector Craddock: No, it belongs to...

    [rolls his eyes and sighs in exasperation]

    Miss Jane Marple: Me, Mr. Enderby. Good morning, Inspector. My late mama's, of course.

  • Miss Jane Marple: I'm planning to have a heart attack at the dance tonight.

  • Hector Enderby: Miss Marple, I would deem it an honour if you'd at least stay the day and be my guest at the hunt.

    Miss Jane Marple: I'm very sorry, Mr. Enderby, but I disapprove of blood sports.

    [leaves the room]

    Hector Enderby: [to himself] That was a very narrow escape!

  • Inspector Craddock: There have been stupid murderers, you know.

    Miss Jane Marple: She's a timid woman, not a stupid one.

  • Miss Jane Marple: Am I to assume that you are not going to do anything about this?

    Inspector Craddock: Nothing whatever. You see, I'm a policeman, Miss Marple. I'm only interested in facts.

  • Inspector Craddock: For goodness sake, Miss Marple! Why didn't you ring?

    Miss Jane Marple: The law may have a long arm, Inspector. Unfortunately, I haven't.

  • Miss Jane Marple: Are you by any chance proposing to me, Mr. Enderby?

  • [Jason is taking Miss Marple to see Marina]

    Jason Rudd: Miss Marple?

    Miss Jane Marple: Yes, Mr. Rudd?

    Jason Rudd: She's dead.

    Miss Jane Marple: I rather suspected as much. And you?

    Jason Rudd: I killed her. I put poison in her hot chocolate last night. It was inevitable she would have been discovered. I... couldn't let her face the humiliation. She suffered enough.

    Miss Jane Marple: You must have loved her very much.

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