Miss Hannigan Quotes in Annie (1982)


Miss Hannigan Quotes:

  • Miss Hannigan: [singing] Some women are drippin' with diamonds / Some women are drippin' with pearls / Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I'm drippin' with / Little girls!

  • Miss Hannigan: Where's Annie?

    Molly: She had to go bathroom.

    Miss Hannigan: [Imitating Molly] She had to go, bathroom.

  • Miss Hannigan: What are you just standing around here for? You're supposed to clean the bathroom and the kitchen before lunch, my little pig droppings, and if you skip the corners, there will be no lunch. And we're not having hot mush today...

    Orphans: Yay!

    Miss Hannigan: We're having *cold* mush!

  • Miss Hannigan: You can have any orphan in the whole orphanage... except Annie.

    Grace: Well, why?

    Miss Hannigan: Because she's got it comin' to her; and I *don't* mean 'a week in the lap of luxury'!

  • Daddy Warbucks: Miss Hannigan, I presume?

    Miss Hannigan: Yes?

    Daddy Warbucks: I wanna talk to you about Annie.

    Miss Hannigan: You wanna return her and forget her? Or trade up?

    Daddy Warbucks: I wanna adopt her.

    Miss Hannigan: Would you excuse me for a moment? Aaarggghh!

  • Rooster: This is Lily St. Regis.

    Lily: Named from the hotel.

    Miss Hannigan: Room service!

  • Daddy Warbucks: You'll sit out this century in some deep, dark penitentiary.

    Miss Hannigan: Jail?

    Daddy Warbucks: Sign.

    Miss Hannigan: I geuss this means I'll never know the feeling of running fingers through your hair.

    Daddy Warbucks: You'll rot in jail. In Sing-Sing.

    Miss Hannigan: I guess this means no Bonus Iree.

    Daddy Warbucks: Will you sign?

  • Orphans: We love you, Miss Hannigan.

    Miss Hannigan: Shut up!

  • Grace: What about this child?

    Miss Hannigan: Annie?... Oh, you don't want Annie.

    Grace: Why not?

    Miss Hannigan: Because... Because she's a drunk!

  • Miss Hannigan: Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn I can see them.

  • Grace: Miss Hannigan. I am the private secretary to Oliver Warbucks.

    Miss Hannigan: The Oliver Warbucks? Oliver Warbucks, the millionaire?

    Grace: Oh no. Oliver Warbucks, the billionaire.

    Miss Hannigan: Mary, mother of God.

  • Miss Hannigan: What did you say your name was?

    Grace: Grace Farrell

    Miss Hannigan: Ah, Grace, aptly name.

  • Daddy Warbucks: You spend your evenings in the shanties.

    Miss Hannigan: You had me followed.

    Daddy Warbucks: Imbibing quarts of bathtub gin.

    Miss Hannigan: Bronchitism.

    Daddy Warbucks: And here you're dancing in your scanties,

    Miss Hannigan: Great gams.

    Daddy Warbucks: With some old geezer called Little Caeser,

    Miss Hannigan: He's an uncle.

    Daddy Warbucks: You lock the orphans in the closet.

    Miss Hannigan: They love it!

    Daddy Warbucks: You hock their Christmas souvenirs.

    Miss Hannigan: Drink?

    Daddy Warbucks: You steal the funds you should deposit.

    Miss Hannigan: It's fresh.

    Daddy Warbucks: You make them grovel while you buy laveleers.

  • Miss Hannigan: Why any kid would want to be an orphan is beyond me.

  • Miss Hannigan: I bet you Miss Sticky Fingers here can loan you a lousy five bucks.

    Lily: I beg your pardon, I'm sure, but I don't stoop to what you're incineratin'.

    Miss Hannigan: Give me back my goods, toots.

    [Lily hands Miss Hannigan the jewelry that she had been holding. Miss Hannigan clears her throat and stares at Lily's chest. Lily then pulls the rest of the jewelry out of her dress]

  • Annie: Leaping lizards!

    Miss Hannigan: "Leaping lizards!"

  • Miss Hannigan: [as she looks at the diamond pin Daddy Warbucks is wearing] My God, is that thing real?

  • Miss Hannigan: Don't be so mean, you mean old meanie.

    Daddy Warbucks: Come my dear.

    Miss Hannigan: Let's you and me make, why shouldn't we make hey.

    Daddy Warbucks: I've got an appointment at one.

    Miss Hannigan: This way. You every been to Bonus Iree?

    Daddy Warbucks: Where?

    Miss Hannigan: I hunger for the Ar-gen-tine

    Daddy Warbucks: Argen-teena.

    Miss Hannigan: Let's you and me fill up our diaries!

    Daddy Warbucks: What? Stop!

    Miss Hannigan: Buy me a ruby.

    Daddy Warbucks: No!

    Miss Hannigan: Why shouldn't you be mine?

  • Annie: [while tearing up the check] Mr. Warbucks will eat your livers!

    Rooster: I'll kill ya, ya little brat. I'll kill ya!

    Miss Hannigan: [to herself] He's really gonna kill her!

    [while chasing Rooster and Annie]

    Miss Hannigan: Rooster! Rooster stop! Rooster, she's a baby!

  • Miss Hannigan: What do we say, Annie?

    Annie: I love you Miss Hannigan.

    [Jumps from the bed on to her foot]

  • Rooster: Easy Street. Easy Street. Annie is the key.

    Miss Hannigan: Yessiree.

    Lily: Yessiree.

    Rooster: Yessiree.

  • Miss Hannigan: It's time for a tumble with the bundle.

  • Orphans: We love you, Ms. Hannigan

    Miss Hannigan: Sure.

  • Miss Hannigan: Rooster, you reprobate!

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