Miss Chloe Moon Quotes in Theater of Blood (1973)


Miss Chloe Moon Quotes:

  • Miss Chloe Moon: Take me home, I think I'm going to be ill.

    Meredith Merridew: Oh my God!

    [looks at his dogs]

    Meredith Merridew: I think Georgina's going to faint!

  • [Edward is still disguised as Butch]

    Edward Lionheart: [looking at the police officer] Who's this great big beautiful thing with you? Is he yours?

    Miss Chloe Moon: Well, only just.

    Edward Lionheart: Come on, baby, let me get to it. Let me get at it, huh?

    [the policeman, uncomfortable sits down]

    Edward Lionheart: You just sit there, baby, and relax, eh? She won't be long.

  • Miss Chloe Moon: These are very funny rollers, Butch.

    Edward Lionheart: Naughty, naughty! Don't touch, Butch knows best. They're something new from Gay Paree.

  • Miss Chloe Moon: You know, Butch, I'm very uncomfortable.

    Edward Lionheart: "Bring forth that sorceress condemned to burn." That's from Henry the Sixth, duckie, part one. It's a very interesting play, don't you agree, Miss Moon? Particularly that scene where Joan of Arc gets burnt at the stake.

    [removing his disguise]

    Edward Lionheart: Though you may find our novel version a bit of a shock.

    [she struggles, but he ties her down and heads towards an electric switch]

    Edward Lionheart: Spare for no fagots, let there be enough: Place barrels of pitch upon the fatal stake, That so her torture may be shortened.

    [he suddenly cranks the electric up]

    Edward Lionheart: And yet, forsooth, she is a virgin pure. Strumpet, thy words condemn thy brat and thee: Use no entreaty, for it is in vain. Break thou in pieces and consume to ashes, Thou foul accursed minister of hell!

  • Peregrine Devlin: Lionheart! What the hell do you want here?

    Edward Lionheart: [picking up the best actor award] This. My just reward. The whole world knows it is mine by right. But you deliberately withheld it from me. You deliberately humiliated me in front of the press, my public and my peers. It was the culmination of your determined denial of my genius!

    Peregrine Devlin: We denied you nothing...

    Edward Lionheart: For thirty years, the public has acknowledged that I was the master. And that, this year, my season of Shakespeare was the shining jewel in the crown of the immortal Bard.

    Meredith Merridew: [sotto voce, to Chloe Moon] Quite insane!

    Miss Chloe Moon: [sotto voce, to Meredith Merridew] He must be drunk.

    Edward Lionheart: But you, with your overweening malice, give the award to a twitching, mumbling boy who can barely grunt his way through an incomprehensible performance! No. No! It is mine!

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